getting disability

i have tried anddidnt get it , can you get it for this disease

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thanks for your advice i know that everyone gets denied first time thanks for taking the time to explain. getting a lawyer may be the option that i will have to take

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I did get SSDI for Psoriasis. I do have a sever case on my feet and hands. I have photo'd them since I started treatment and believing the Dr. when he said the lasering will clear me quick... That was Aug 2009, and the laser treatment spread it like wildfire. I have a great pcp that agreed with me that I could not work any longer in the condition I am in. I also had to prove I could not work from home which is even harder!

SSDI has a list of things that they consider debilitating and Pssoriasis and PsA both are on the list. Hang in there and keep fighting. The goal to to out wait you! It took me 16 months and a lawyer to get my works short/long term disability, even though HR pushed me into going onto it, then when denied works disability, they fired me and I lost my insurance. I have been down this no income hunger road so many times, they had no idea who they were dealing with :) I think they assumed that since I was single, I could not last them out, but when you are disabled you have no choice... They act like we will just give up and go back to work.... I would LOVE to, but can't.

If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to ask me!

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I have been turned down once so far, retained counsel and am in the waiting game. I am also trying to track down every medical record I've ever had, as I have been suffering bad back and hip pain for years. Had I gotten the correct diagnosis years ago, my mobility probably would not have been affected. Now I am on the systemic course of medication, MTX, Sulfasalizine, two anti-depressants, tons of vitamins, but still in alot of pain, of which by the way, there doesn't seem to be a lot out there to alleviate pain. I hope things get better for you. Just know that there are lots of us here who are going through the same thing. I have to say that it has made me feel better knowing I am not alone in the fight against this pain in the arse disease!

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Hey PsOKC,
I don't think you are suppose to re-apply, I believe that you are suppose to file an appeal for your denial.

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Mes - Did you get SSI solely based on Psoriasis? How bad is your Psoriasis? I applied before and was denied, but am currently in the process of reapplying.

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I got it, but I would highly recommend getting a lawyer. They only can charge you a one time fee of 25% up to $6,000. They only get paid if you do.

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there is a section of disability code that does deal with skin diseases, and if yours is bad enough, you may be able to go it. they always turn you down the first time. the best way is to get a lawyer that SPECIALIZES in ssd to reapply.

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