Fatique and disability

Hi, I work 1/2 time and have applied for disability and have been told I don't qualify because I make just a little to much money. Any suggestions on what I should do next?

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disability based on ?????????????

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MG, what condition do you have? I know from another post you are not tolerating your meds well but dont know what you are treating for.

How are you disabled? What is causing it.

But to answer your question, in order to get SSD benefits you will need to provde well documented medical notes noting your dr's diagnosis and what your disability is. What kind of work do you do and how does you condition make you unable to work.

You say that you are working 1/2 time. Are you or were you receiving STD(short term disability) or LTD(long term) benefits from your employer? How long have you been unable to work? I am not sure but I dont know if you qualify if you are working at all (I dont really know though).

It looks like you have applied and your claim was not approved. You have a limited amount of time to file an appeal.

The big thing is documentation.

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hello mg654

this is just my opinion...you screwed yourself because you are still working and disability benifits are not meant to make up for any income that you may be losing.if you are truly disabled there is no income at all. you can't get it even if you can crawl to your part time job. the amount that you make is not a factor because it has to be a zero sum. if you apply, have the documentation that for a continued period of time you CAN NOT work, your doctor backs you up, and the condition is on the list (which is on line) then go for it. the only time i have seen disability payments recevied almost automatically is head trauma, gunshot wounds amputees, there's no dispute there and the process begins from the patients bedside. what virginamel said is right on point. but, the four letter word here is WORK, that's a nono from the gate. i knew a nurse that was a phd, she suffered from bipolar disorder. she had to take a leave of absense for 2 months, get her medications adjusted. even that scenario was not even close to attempt a disability claim. she had her meds tweaked and came back to work as if nothing ever happened. so get your documentation together, you and your doctor have to be on the same page, and you might want to look into finding a lawyer that specializes in disability claims. much luck to you.

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MG this is a Ps site

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It's ok. Sounds like maybe you applied for SSI and Social Security Disabilty . SSI is based on income. Regular Disabilty is based on the quarters you worked. It is the money you paid in You have to have worked so many within the last five years to recieve it. And even after you recieve disabilty you can work if you can it's called ticket to work. It's important to keep your doctors appoints, voice your pain and problems with working, and ask the Dr. questions on what you can do or the limits.
If you only quliafy for SSI and got turned down since your working your quarters are still making and you may egilable at a later date or even now for regular Social Security Disability Income You may be turned down for Reg, disabilty then you can file a reconsideration within-30 days (sooner the better). if you are turned down on the reconsideration , then get an attorney to go before a federal law judge. The attorney gets paid by the Social Security by part of your rewarded money.
Go to thier website to learn the difference Been there and understand!

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