Dry Skin / Immune System Response

This is about Dry Skin and the Immune Response connection.

I am a caregiver and have suffered with chronic P for 37 ointment filled years. I have four sons and one of them is seriously ill with P.

The doctor prescribed a very mild steriod in White Petrolatum and Mineral Oil for my son who is at about 50%.

This combination proved to be an effective WhiteOut. Stops flaking right now. The difficulty is that my son wanted nothing to do with steriods in the doctors mix. Decided to make it myself. It worked well but the mix is so wet that I wanted to sort out how to make a day treatment.

I started at: www.vaseline.com
What I found here is that dry skin -- with or without P. -- creates a significant logical immune response.

Click on: Your Skin and then Dry Skin.
(Scroll down to read the information it's in the lower part of the browser)

This is the best information that I have ever seen about what is going on with my skin. My original goal was to figure out a day cream so I moved on to collecting more information on occulsives and humectants at:


I googled vaseline psorasis and with interest read:

This is where I found out that I was using too much Vaseline.
Also about opening the pores with water.

My son suffers from "I don't want to do this every day". I think we have all been there at one point or another. I started doing this exact routine with him. The excellent news: 37 years later this is causing both of us to go into remission.

The best that I can figure is that in the case of P. eliminating the triggers that are firing the immune response in the first place is the best we are going to do for now.

When the medical teams can sort out a fix that has no side effects we will all be pleased. In the meantime: stay wet twice a day and get well like us.

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Awesome Jules.

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Thanks for the encouragement. I just popped over and read about your flare earlier this year.
Hope you are feeling better now :D.

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Thankyou so much for those sites. Read all of them. I already put moisturiser on after a shower while my my body is still wet I only lightly towel off and leave my skin damp and it works well.Good to know I am doing something right. I use vaseline occasionally as it contains mineral oil and I try to avoid it as well as sodium lauryl sulphate as the latter dries my skin and is in most shampoos so aggravates my scalp and causes tiny white flakes.Steroids, ointment type help a lot for short periods to calm P down I only use when in a flare then go back to moisturising.I use non perfumed creams. Coconut oil (pure virgin ) is fantastic and soaks right in and has many benefits.Great when my scalp is bad just leave in overnight and wash out with baby shampoo next day.I think keeping moisture in our skin is the key to controlling mild P and helps me.What is in your mix you are using and is your P gone?If so that is great.

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thank you the website, I will read it,I follow what ever will hepl away from medication that will damage my body,thank you I wish a good health to you and to your son.

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I want to say thank you for posting this information, it really does make a lot of sense, I'm the worlds WORSE about drinking enough water to stay Hydrated, so No wonder my skin is in the condition it's in--I say we should get a group who's interested in Trying this theory out, and post before/after pics of the progress we receive from it. Have you already started this? Wouldn't it be great to know that all we have to do is either sit in water/run a small amount of Vaseline on the Psoriasis or other skin condition/drink enough water, and be healed without the expensive cost of Medications that do more harm than good? I'm Down for this one :-)

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There are two notable elements in the Vaseline. It's a occulsive (key to replacing the lipids) and it must be the paraffin in it that melts just above body temp and then settles and temporarily replaces those broken lipids. It is interesting to note that the Doctor on the last link says: just use the real Vaseline. It might be that Vaseline uses a higher grade of paraffin.

I have been going along for 37 years with P and never made the connection regards get wet/open pores/humectants THEN occulsive. So like you I had been doing part of this amazingly simple forumla by alternating between humectants and occulsives but never using them ONE then the OTHER.

I am not sure that the same results can be gained by combined treatment of in a single ointment. That would take experimenting and frankly this is working so I am going to just stay with it. So I came across those websites as I was looking into day cream and also a lanolin / beeswax alternative to the Vaseline. Have to tell you that after a bit of flurrying around I got to thinking: I might be overthinking this. If Vaseline works -- it works.

I admit to holding a belief that wax and/or alcholol as a component in a moisturizer should be avoided. When I read about the Vaseline filling in that gap where the lipid should be...

My Skin Report:

So I have ... continents that have become islands with lovely areas of clear skin in between on both knees and both elbows.
Similiar excellent signs of the immune system winding down on my feet as well.
The P spots on my legs are thinning noticably. They are red but each day they tone down a bit.
What I do not understand is the spots on my knucles are still there and almost unchange. What makes these spots so special?

Overall: Much better. Still showing excellent response.
This is not a silver bullet but a method that will make it go.
If it takes 28 days for a regular cell to travel up then I will just keep at this;
the good news is that I can SEE results.

My son is deep in the depression that comes with P.
Afraid to get his hopes up.
To drop his gaurd and believe that it will leave.
Having been haunted by P's presence: I know exactly how he feels.

Cheering/Badgering him on. No White / Keep It Wet
I show him mine -- look at those Islands!
Hopeful to encourage him by my progress.
He is not yet hopeful but there is a glimmer of desire in his eye.

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We are all in this together -- Thanks for your kind words. Our bodies just need the right elements.

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I will definitely say that this has worked in just a day for me, and that after my own battle and trial/error in treating my psoriasis without the chemical meds prescribed, my progress has been slow, yet it has been positive in a way that I can see new healthy skin in places that have been covered in red patches for years, that's exciting. My hope in this method of wet/Vasoline--keeping the area wet at all times took my skin in ONE DAY, on a cycle that I've not seen with my own mix of suppliments/rub to act so quickly.
Yesterday when I read your post, I did exactly what he described to do, and instantly the itch was gone, and within hours on my right leg, a nasty patch on the outer portion of my leg that has been the worse and longest to show signs of any healing at all, had gone from a angry red, and a higher patch, to a lighter color, and although not even with the other skin, it had subsided to a noticeable degree. That's all it took for me. I am still taking the supplements because they are a combination that my body has responded to in a positive way, but with that combined with the "Wet" Factor I hope to see more healthy skin appear soon. I'll keep you posted, and once again THANK YOU!!!!

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Wow that's some interesting information. Thank you for sharing ^^....I guess more is not always good huh.

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Skin is a complex organism as we are all pointedly aware.

Sharkweek: Less being more may have something to do with oxygen levels in the skin.

I am so delighted to hear that you tried this and that you are getting the same response as I did.

A P. spot that looked ... angry red yesterday -- this morning is 1/4 the size and flipped form 1/2 inch by 3/4 inch to two .. little islands.

I wonder how many of us P sufferers hold our breath during stress?
Deep breathing is supposed to help.

Drink plenty of water (64oz a day -- regular good old water).
Get your rest.

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Thank you so much for sharing this information. It makes a lot of sense and if it works how wonderful to be able to control P in a way that doesn't use toxic treatments.
Will let you know my results!

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This is working.

Stops water loss; provides a temporary bandaide on the lipid barrier.
Effect: Throws a direct switch in the immune system.

The original directions are just lukewarm shower bath / vaseline.
Adding the Glycerin step or a humectent isn't breaking the forumla so far.

Do this:

Twice a day take a bath or shower for 5 to 10 minutes (not longer): use lukewarm water: it opens your pores.
when you get out, leave the water drips alone for minute. That water is good for you. Toss on a cotton robe.

It doesn't seem to hurt to use a humectent (Glycerin) to bind the water to the cells before you put the vaseline on.
Any humectent including Dead Sea Salt in your bath is nice and good.

How much: On a four by three patch it takes a drop or two of glycerin. ... massage into all spots you have.

Then: ... go back to the first spots and massage in pea sized or smaller amounts of vaseline.
It will completely absorb because your pores are open.
Now: ... go back and check where you started, if it feels dry do 1/2 again the amount of vaseline you started with.

Repeat morning and night. You will NOT be all gummy. If you put on a bit too much; blot it off. Get dressed and off you go.

If you get dry (see white) between treatments: massage small, tiny amounts of vaseline to keep it wet.

The rule is keep it wet. No white at all.
Do not pick or be rough with a P spot.
It aggravates your immune system.
The water gently removes unneeded skin.

Drink plenty of water. Dry Skin = Dehydration
Breath deep. Oxygen is important.
Get your rest.
Eat good stuff.

Results I noticed in the last two weeks:
Instantly: cell turnover decreased dramatically
The island effect within a few days; as large areas begin to break into smaller ones.
First week or so: Noticable thinning of the built up skin
As the built up layers thin my P. spots seem pretty red.
Keep at it. Today those same .... angry spots are regular skin again.

It's like learning to swim: you have to get wet!

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Mafish: Please keep me posted on your progress. I am really interested to see if it does to yours what it did with mine.

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www.Vaseline.com This is critical information for anyone with any form of Psorasis.

Your skin is amazing. The average square inch of your skin holds 650 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels and over a thousand nerve endings. Skin performs myriad functions. It has, for example, the ability to regulate your body temperature and it is more than capable of protecting you against the elements.

The outer layer of your skin is composed of two elements:
a layer of living, viable cells called the epidermis;
and the top-most layer, the protective cells known as the stratum corneum.

To best understand how skin becomes dry and how to bring your dry skin back to health, we need to understand the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum is a functional structure, helping your body respond to the environment and maintain your skin barrier's state of health.

Healthy skin naturally repairs itself. Unfortunately, skin can become overly dry, and when it does, it struggles to function optimally. Bringing your dry skin back to its healthy state begins with understanding what your skin endures and what it needs.

What does it mean to have healthy moisturized skin?

We focus on the stratum corneum, the top most layer of skin. Think of the stratum corneum as a brick and mortar wall. The "bricks" are corneocytes (hard, protective skin cells), while the "mortar" are the lipids (a continuous layer that surrounds and protects the corneocytes). Corneocytes are connected by proteins called desmosomes. Inside each corneocyte are Natural Moisturizing Factors (or NMFs) which draw moisture into the cell.
The stratum corneum regulates a natural rate of water loss in your skin, a process called Transepidermal Water Loss (or TEWL). Normal, healthy moisturized skin loses about 80 -100 grams of water into the atmosphere each day. The TEWL process is affected by the integrity of the lipid structure and the Natural Moisturizing Factor. For healthy moisturized skin, these elements regulate the rate of TEWL and help maintain the proper moisture levels in the stratum corneum.

Your dry skin may be an inherited condition that you live with daily. However, the environment in which you live also impacts the degree of water loss in your skin. The environment is constantly pulling moisture away from your skin surface, and if the air is particularly dry, more moisture gets pulled from your skin.
Everyday activities such as soap and washing further affect your skin's ability to hold onto moisture as well. The water you use to cleanse yourself washes away your skin's NMF, while soap removes lipids from your skin. This combination of activities degrades your skin's barrier and allows even more moisture to escape.

As your skin becomes drier, there is a breakdown of proper skin mechanisms: without moisture, skin cells become stiff and inflexible, setting the stage for your skin to become cracked and damaged. A loss of barrier lipids further increases exposure of cells to the environment, leading to further water loss and increased skin dryness. Because skin is becoming more vulnerable, its ability to withstand environmental dryness becomes more impaired.

The lack of proper moisture levels in your skin disturbs your skin's desquamation processes. Desquamation is the natural elimination of cells from your stratum corneum - essentially, it is the sloughing off of the dead, top-most layer of skin. When the desquamation process doesn't function properly, dead skin cells collect on your skin and become visible as dry skin flakes.
The dry skin cells accumulating on the surface feel rough and inflexible. They can catch on clothing or other fabric and lead to dry skin itch. With continued dryness, this inflexibility and tightness can lead to physical cracking of your skin which is not only painful, but further exposes skin to drying elements.
As dryness drives deeper into the stratum corneum, physiological functions of skin (such as the natural growth and maturation of healthy corneocytes) become impaired. These under-developed, immature corneocytes reach the surface in a weakened state, further reducing skin's ability to withstand dryness and naturally recover from environmental assault.

If dry skin is to return to a healthy, hydrated state, its moisture levels need to increase. An effective lotion provides immediate and long-term hydration. For very dry skin, the best moisturizers contain the right balance of humectants and occlusives in their formulation.
Moisturizers introduce hydration back into skin to immediately soften dry, stiff surface skin cells.

Humectants, like glycerin, play an important role in hydration by binding the water within the corneocytes. Humectants not only infuse instant moisture into skin, but also help skin to restore itself.

Occlusives, like petroleum jelly, fill the void of lost lipids in the surface of your skin. They provide a physical barrier to the outside world and seal moisture in the cells to prevent further moisture loss. Additionally, occlusives aid in the dry skin healing process by providing a protective barrier that reduces TEWL and retains the stratum corneum's water content.

Healthy cellular development can occur when your skin is able to lock in moisture over time. A well-balanced moisturizer promotes an environment that over the long-term, is beneficial for dry skin healing and repair. With an optimal level of moisture and dryness protection, all of your skin's elements -from lipids, to Natural Moisturizing Factor, to desmosomes, to cell maturation - function in unison for healthy moisturized skin.

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I will thank you. I am excited about this. I went to the store and purchased some mineral oil today. Do you think it is ok to use that or do you think Vaseline is a better choice?
I am prone to infections, in fact think I am starting a new one today :( and thought putting my finger in the vaseline and then on my skin and repeat might contaminate the vaseline but the oil I could just drop on.
Thanks again!

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why USA and Europe scientists still not discover psoriasis treatment even they decode the DNA.
Any body who reply my question particularly scientist or doctors.

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MaFish: Over the past two or three week I have decided that the Vaseline has properties that other Occulsive do not have.

So back to the store (pharmacy/drug store what do they call this down under?).
Purchase two things. A bottle of pure glycerin and a container of high quality Vaseline (do not buy an off brand).

Regarding contamination: use a small spoon, make up spatula, wooden stick, toothpick; (get creative) to get the vaseline out.
The vaseline contains petrolatum and a high grade of paraffin (wax).

If you use an alternative Occulsive I am of the opinion that it MUST contain wax ... beeswax or a very high quality paraffin.

It makes sense that it is the WAX that is improving the seal. The turn over (growth rate of cells) is so high that the excess
wax is discarded so don't sweat the small stuff i.e. wax build up. I have been doing full body treatments with natural oils and egss for years to
feed my skin. (Castor Oil in partiuclar an occulsive and have not seen this same results of CLEARING RIGHT AWAY). It must
be the combination of the moisture (humectant) and the Vaseline (Occulsive with WAX).

Shower Lukewarm 5 to 10 min: Open Pores.
Hop out; Put on Robe.

For all your spots:

Small drips of Glycerin, massage in.

Go back to the where you started: massage tiny small amounts of vaseline (circular motions you are filling the missing lipid gaps)
between showers if your spots start getting dry/white: massage in a little more (tiny, small amount) vaseline.

Dry Skin Immune Response Cycle.

It works. Mine is going away. Today my spots are pale. If I gently stretch the skin I can see islands: EVERYWHERE.

Water + Glycerin = Increases Skin Moisture (Health Risk: None)
Vaseline = Replacement Seal (Your Barrier Seal Lipids Are Missing) (Health Risk: None)

Think of the Vaseline as a .... liquid Bandaide.
If you have Psoriasis, your losing moisture. Stop that and you, like me, will see CLEARING.

Please try this as described and post your results.

It takes time but start right now.

What is an amazing relief to me is to know WHY I am putting this on.
That it is not harming me in any way.

Get a drink of water while your at it. Your dehydrated.

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Last night I was looking and in fact there have been studies in which they found that the combination of
Glycerin and Vaseline in the treatment of Psorasis patients undergoing light treatments was MORE EFFECTIVE.

Once you get your skin protection on (I am not describing this again -- check the thread) go sit in the sun for 15 minutes.
Twice a day if you can.

I live in Seattle so we do not always have sun here... but when it comes out.... I am in it.

Remember: drink your water -- your dehydrating.

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I have only been doing a shower once a day. Too much going on. Fourth of July in the States.
I just can't seem to get in the shower -- twice a day.

Yesterday as I was sitting in the sun I was using a spray bottle of glyercin and water to add moisture as I sat in the sun.
Just let it rest on the skin for five minutes; added more if it dried up; then added tiny bits of G. and V.

Two days ago I was a bit discouraged because all my spots looked RED. When I pull lightly on the effected skin I can see
large areas converting into islands -- it's happening to all locations.

It's calming down to pink in some places.
One particularly angry spot .. gone. Sweet! The healing is spreading.

Some places are healing faster than others but all locations are noticably changed for the better.
My energy level is up which is very nice.

Last night I was started researching toxic effects of Glycerin and Wax. There are none. Nice.

Found a medical report in which Doctors have concluded and release a report June 2011 that in clinical trials
Glycerin and Vaseline is more effective that just Vaseline in Light Treatment patients.

I am very pleased that both of these are over the counter.

My son is doing pretty good. He is getting wet once a day. I can remember being that discouraged at his age.

I am just delighted to understand what is going on with my skin after all these years. Dry skin is not mysterious.
Everytime I put the Vaseline on; it's getting a little better.

Try this and end your suffering.

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Thank you so much for sharing this and for being so clear in the details of how to implement this plan. I do not have the vaseline brand vaseline but will go get some and will find some wooden sticks at a craft store (great idea, thank you again). I purchased a spray bottle and spray each part of my body with water before applying the vaseline. I will now apply glycerin first.
Just doing it twice a day with water and vaseline for a few days is already making my skin less dry and I feel like the healing process is starting.
I can't thank you enough for this info and will keep you posted! And keep us posted as to how you and your son are doing!

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