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** Originally posted by PAddict **

im 21 and i like getting ******

as im sure you all know excess alcohol consumption causes psoriasis to flare... mine sure does.

because of the vast youth drinking culture you dont have much of a life if you stop drinking, sadly.

anyone got any tips to make the alcohol not aggravate it as much?

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** Originally posted by njperson08 **

I honestly dont notice a difference and I went from drinking a bar sized bottle of rum almost every night to quitting completely for well over a month now

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** Originally posted by PAddict **

i wish i could do that, if i go and get drunk its so much worse the next day and really itchy

maybe if i stop drinking and smoking itl go away all together

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** Originally posted by MrsCuster **

Why dont you just cut back? or try to quit smoking first. I dont drink but I am not sure if alcohol even is a matter maybe excesive alcohol consumption but I know quite a few of the people on here drink because they are usualy drinking while chatting LOL. And I doubt they would do it if it made their P worse.

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** Originally posted by frogpie **

i used to drink *very* heavilly, perhaps to a certain extent self medicating against the pain of PsA

i definitely found that say 2 to 3 days after consumption of vast ammounts of booze (red wine in particular) my joints and skin improved

quit the grog completely over 5 years ago and cut the gigs down to a very rare treat, ie maybe 10 per year

overall i feel much better now

i never would have imagined myself to be a tea-total, i didnt need confidence or anything, i just enjoyed the physical sensation of being very very drunk

i wouldnt go back now, im sure my general health would be in a **** state by now if i hadnt

maybe you could try what i did at first - stopped for a month just to proove i could

you might be surprised at the positive effects


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** Originally posted by kimberlyjoy **

I cannot say I have ever noticed a flare up in my psoriasis plaques, however I do notice my psoriatic arthritis flare up when I am drinking. I have the same problem as you though because you are right, in todays world.. if you dont drink-- your social life may be lacking a little bit, as sad as that sounds.

I was on MTX for a long time, a medication that you cannot drink alcohol when you are on it. I finally had to make a really big decision for myself and my body to quit the mtx-- pretty much purely for the fact that I wanted to be able to go out and drink and not have to worry about it potentially killing me.

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** Originally posted by soxfan87 **

My P is definitely affected by my drinking. One of the last weekends of college this year I drank heavily 5 days in a row (an extended weekend) and flared up REALLY bad after that. I'm almost happy I'm out of college now so I don't have to deal with the pressure to go out so often and drink (now I'm probably a twice a week drinker, and only a couple beers each time). My P has really improved since I slowed my drinking, and also went on the Pagano diet (which outlaws the use of any alcohol).

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