Designing psoriasis questionare

I have this idea for sometime now. If we have an survey on psoriasis asking people with P to see anything we have in common or what we do or what we like to eat (for example) effect our P or not.

So start a discussion here if you guys want to add any question to the questionnaire?

So far here are my questions.
1) How old are you?
2) Do you have any relative in your family with P?
3) What is your BMI? (To see overweight and P relationship)
4) Do you like eating fried (greasily food) like me?

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Oh, if we have a lot of question setup, I will make a google survey an post it in P online community and we all can see the result of the survey together! =)

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Excellent idea!!!!

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I still think it's a good idea. And I do think it's good for us to add to the thoughts we all have to this list. I think it's a positive move AND there is a point in this. Thanks for the positive outloud.

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Such a questionnaire can be endless. But my thoughts:

1) How old are you *and* at what age were you diagnosed with psoriasis?

2) What is your BMI?

3) Do you have any digestion problems, such as:
- acid reflux
- IBD (please list specific disease)

4) What is the severity of your psoriasis? Choices: Extremely Severe, Severe, Severe-Moderate, Moderate, Moderate-Mild, Mild, Extremely Mild.

You question about relatives having psoriasis has been studied before, ... it doesn't help anyone in discovering a solution to their psoriasis. Your question about greasy foods does mean much to me either since there are any number of foods that can inflame psoriasis. "greasy foods" doesn't tell me what sort of oil/lard/butter has been used, if it has been breaded (and what sort of breading), and what it is you are eating (pork? beef? ...).

Based on my experience a common underlying cause of psoriasis is a damaged digestive tract ( "common" I don't mean universal). If you can fix your digestion problems through diet and supplements you have a good chance at controlling your psoriasis,. This has happened to me and to others. However I've never seen a study that determines if folks with psoriasis, and other autoimmune diseases, are more likely to have tummy/bowel issues compared to the general populace.

The BMI question is to see how tubby psoriatics are ;-), and also to see if overweight psoriatics are more likely to have severe psoriasis and more likely to have digestion complaints. I think the answers are "yes".

I am also interested in what age folks develop psoriasis and if this has any bearing on their ability to control their condition through natural means (diet). I suspect if you develop the condition later in life your chances are better. But I can certainly be wrong.


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Wow great idea. Just add a few more questions:

There R very unhealthy foods BESIDES fried; such as sugar, dairy, nightshades, smoking, alcoholn hamburgers
cold cuts (balogna) and on and on

Then as Lazza commtented, we need we need to know if respondenst R on a special food plan such as Lazza or myself
on a Papaya trial

There R so many variables

We need to know who drinks green smoothies and who includes Hemp, Flax or Chia in the smoothie.
How often do they drink ot.

How many eat salmon (the healthist FOOD OF ALL), kale, brocc0li and on and on

Who exercises, soaks in the ocean, uses Biologics, Steroid creams.

Who had tonisils out, appendectomy?

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Here are some questions you may want to consider:

Stress, rate it one to ten?
Childhood diseases?
Do any patients receive flu vaccine and
notice any difference with outbreaks?
Gallbladder stones, removal ?
other surgery's?
other parts removed?
broken bones?
hopitalized for bad infection?
What helped you the most? How long did it help you?
Do you know your triggers? If you have any?
Have you noticed if any supplements, vitamins or foods that helped you?
Any cremes or shampoos?
Has any one tried drinking large amounts of purified water and seen any improvement?
Sleep? Do you find sleep helps or hurts you?
Why I ask this question, if I sleep too long my head gets so hot and itchy. I think the heat bothers me. I noticed it cooled off and I am itching less. Has any one noticed being worse in the heat?

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Great questions NaturalSeeker!

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Nice =) Thanks

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Perhaps a major hospital or university needs to get involved for results to count. There is always the privacy issues to be considered and what happens with all this information. Just something to ponder over.

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This keeps getting better and better. :))

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Are we sure we can trust hospitals? Maybe Inspire should be in on this? I do not care about my information. Those who do should not participate. The questionnaires would not have to have a name on it. I am sure there are many common denominators we will have.

I thought of more questions:
poison ivy, oak or sumac
other skin issues
How much radiation have you received, dental x-rays, x-rays, mammograms etc
Do you drink or shower in cholorinated or floridated water?

Years ago, my mom got a burnt under her arms and when she went to the doctor, he said we were killing ourselves with antiperspirants we were meant to sweat. We should not stop it , it is a natural and needed process. Who hasn't worn them at some point in our lives?

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I don't know if this was on here or not, but asking about issues with thyroid is also good to know.

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good idea, there is so much conflicting information on the net regarding psorasis and diets etc. I look forward to reading your survey answers its good to get different people's opinion?

here are a few questions you could throw in? that I personally would love to read other peoples answers.

Do the nightshades really effect psorasis in particular tomotes and tomoto sauce?
Red meat?

herbal supplements?
anyone tried fish oils, zinc tablets, milkthistle?

does sunshine help your p
have you ever tried dovibot ointment if so have you ever got a nasty rebound effect from it?

alchol and P?

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Oh yeah and how many people have a "fishered" or "geographic" tongue? I have heard there is a connection.

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I am starting to think Spicy food, may be one of my triggers? Any one else?

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love spicy food. Eat it often; no effect on my Ps.

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Quitting long after quitting was there a P response (if ever).

Don't forget type of P

Whatever you have tried..scale 0-5 how it helped and maybe for how long

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Natural Seeker, do you have problems with your tongue? I have "geographic" tongue and I'm extremely sensitive to tomatoes and sometimes spicy food. It also affects my skin at the same time...

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I don't think so. I went to this site &sz=all&va=geographic+tongue to see what it looked like and my tongue did not look like any of the pictures. It does have a crevice towards the front about inch and a half long.

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