Dealing with Guttate Psoriasis, hard to handle. :[

I have moderate-severe Guttate P. I was just recently diagnosed with it. I am finding it hard to handle. I guess because it was so sudden. I was fine one day and then I had like 4 spots, 4 turned into 8 and then those 8 turned into a million all over. My derm gave me ictch cream and recommended various vitamins and foods to avoid etc. He also recommended tanning but to avoid sunburns. I don't expect it to be gone 100%. I mean I have only had my outbreak for like maybe 6 weeks but its just hard to deal with. I refuse to go swimming-heaven forbid anybody even see them and I can't dress up to go out to the club because these ugly spots.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get rid of the itching?

The cream I got really doesnt do much. I also have this P on my scalp. I've been using the Tar shampoo stuff and the Elta tar lotion but it just seems to me instead of minimizing these spots, I'm getting more. I even have them on my ears now.

How do you deal with your P? What works for you? How do you handle it when people observe your P and dont understand whats wrong with you?

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Benedryl (the over the counter pill) is my savior when it comes to itching.

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I too,have Guttate for 18 years. To greatly reduce itching, use 100% pure organic shea butter.I buy Honestly Organic brand from GNC.
You can also get it directly on-line. It costs about $14.00 at GNC.Apply twice daily. Never buy shea butter mixtures or lotions.Keep the jar in the refrigerator. Your itching will dramatically be reduced. Also ,NEVER apply hot water to your skin-only luke-warm or cool water.

Keep up your good spirits -Guttate is far more likely to go into spontaneous remission than plaque psoriasis which is much more stubborn.Someday, our polka dots shall fade.

Best of luck misskater.

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I will defiantly try Shea. I have heard it helps but I haven't tried it yet. I just kept thinking that this cream the doctor gave me would help. I mean hellloooo it was from my derm right? So it should stop my itching enough so I can settle down to sleep. Wrong! :(

Yes good thing about guttate is it will fade and I may not get it again for a long long time-which I am hoping once I hit remission maybe it just wont come again. Although I have heard some people only having remission for a few months and then its back.

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Hi Misskater, I was diagnost with Guttate Psoriasis last year. I was told that I must have had strep throat and didn't realize and got it for not taking the right meds for the strep. I wasn't sick and was surprised. I started with 3 spots on near my ear, in-between my breasts and on my hip. They were all the size of a quarter. Over time my back itched and I didn't know that Guttate itched. I had my daughter scratch my back off and on for a month. I figured it was dry skin. I use cortizone 10 because I have Inverse Psoriasis and that itches so much and I can't scratch because the skin cuts open and I'm in lots of pain. Anyway, you can try Cortizone 10 for the itch. It helps me a whole bunch. I was given Clobetasol Propionate cream to put on my Guttate and scalp. Oh, did I not mention I have a mild case of Scalp psorisas. I use the liquid of the Clobetasol. I know when I use the cream the Guttate leaves within a week to two weeks. If I leave it alone it goes away in a month. I found if I leave Guttate alone it goes away, but it comes back in different areas. I just let it go away and not use the cream. One thing good is that no scars come about because of it. I was told that vitamins really don't help with psoriasis.

I like many would love to have my old skin back and rub it without feeling bumps but I can't always get what I want. I was told it will go away like all the other forms of psoriasis that I have. If it does HOORAY, if not oh well!! I look at it this way, my Guttate looks like red bumps or pimples and I've seen and know people with skin far worse and they don't have a problem with appearance so why should I or you?

To help stop the itching, you can try putting cold on the areas to numb the itching. I found that oatmeal soap helps, it doesn't dry my skin.

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You didn't mention if you have tried any biologics or medications like methotrexate. Sometimes if you have a severe case, your dermatologist will try the usual topicals etc and if you return with not much improvement, the next step might be oral or injectable systemic medications (DMARDS) so don't think you are at the end of the line. Go back to your derm. regularly. If you don't go back they assume you are okay. I am sending you positive thoughts.

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I think Happynewyorker said it best. It will go away after a bit sadly never fast enough for us.

EVERYONE dont take thise little bumps for granted - with me they finally ran together and started forming these huge scabs on me. I had scabs the size of the palm of my hand or bigger.

If you need it or they get big eough you can ask your dr for tape with cortisone in it - cordran tape. You just put the tape on the scabs only and when the tape finally comes off it takes off the scab and still adds meds to the area. BUt it takes away a lot of the pain - only use the tape on the ps since cortisone makes your skin thin.
And like I told everyone before they have a new drug they are testing and am one of the testers - IL12. I have been clear now for 3 years and so far so good. Itch got worse and so did my psa but there is not a mark on me. And guys I gad to vacuum every day there was so much skin flaking off of me. So so far this drug is a miracle

Bklyn NY

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Oh by the way I used dr prescribed salicylic acid on my head overnight and such and since I used that regimen my scalp ps hardly ever comes baack and when it starts again - I just blast it with some acid and it is gone. The scalp is 5x harder to treat because of the hair and the oily scalp and since we comb and brush it it gets abused more. But you gotta get rid of the scabs and skin so the meds can sink it cause so much else is blocking it and thats where the saly acid comes into play.

Anfd ths itching I get rid of that right away cause thats a prelude to a break out for me cause I scratch so hard. So I do take Atarax for it cause Bededryl does nothing for my itch - maybe cause I do have bad psoriasis

Good luck

Bklyn NY

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This is the thing though. My strep test came back negative. So IDK. I think everyone initially goes through the stage of depression and why me etc. Its normal. I mean this was sudden for me. And if anything it's gotten worse with the quantity, size and itching. I think perhaps some of it is my psyche too of course. And I know other people have it worse than I do but I'm just saying its hard for me.
Many people don't understand it and are scared its contagious and what not. The only people who seem to not be grossed out by me are my family and boyfriend.

Anyways, the cream I have it Clobetasol. But they said I can only use it two weeks at a time because it thins skin? I have already used it for two weeks. I'm wondering what do I do when my itching continues. My derm told me give it time and then come back in 2-3 months if it hasn't changed any. I'm trying to be patient. I got some benadryl today and we'll see how that goes.

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I try not to itch. I am already scarring which is what I don't want.

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I also have guttate and inverse. For itching, I've found jojoba oil works best for me. Im an esthetician and I've tried every oil and cream in my bag of tricks and that one is a life saver!

I've also been using Psoriasin Gel which has helped clear up a huge area on my thigh. The skin is still a bit discolored (which will fade in about 3 months) but its so smooth and soft now... cant stop running my hand across it. lol

My psoriasis, as we recently found out, follows smack dap along my liver and spleen meridian so I changed my diet even more, amped up my liver support/cleansing supplements and juices and that also seems to be working. I truly believe the more research you do yourself and the more you learn about and pay attention to your body the better you'll be able to manage this condition and treat yourself. :)

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Hi Misstaker

I have very similar story.
Dead Sea Salt Baths and Tanning beds at least once a week..helped me ! I had a breakout like no other, all on my trunk, back, sides...started taking dead sea salt baths and my guttate is finally fading,

Give it a shot.

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You learn something new each day. Thanks for the info on Clobetasol Propionate cream I was never told to use for only 2 weeks. I was told 2 months and nothing about thinning of the skin. I was tested by my primary doctor on the strep, since my derm didn't really test anything just gave me the meds. For me it wasn't the depression stage, I was about to turn 47 and to find out my body decided to create psoriasis was a surprise. But, I ended up with joint problems also. Nope don't have Psoriasis arthritis. What I did do was obtain the 100 Questions & Answers About Psoriasis, which was very helpful for a newbie like me.

Msskater, show your body, go to the gym. Don't be afraid and cover up. You're body is beautiful no matter what. Don't let things like funny looking bumps effect you to hid yourself. We are all different in this world and we all look different. Don't judge how your skin looks and think that others think the same way. You'd be surprised.

When I got my psoriasis last year I told my family & friends. I'm the same person with or without psoriasis.

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For severe itch I have used Sarna. It is soothing. Hope it helps.

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Hey Misskater, you should read Carebear3117, she posted "Guttate almost cleared up!" about her 10 year old daughter. Maybe her Complementary can help you?

Good luck!

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It's easiest to nip it in the bud now, it only gets worse. You have to talk about it. You shouldn't hide it, there's no reason to hide it. It just lets you pretend you don't have it and there is no way you will convince yourself that's true. Your biggest risk is delusions. The less you are anchored to reality the easier it is to slip into those delusions. What people think is no where near as bad as your imagination. You're just starting, but give yourself years of obsessing over this disease with no achor to reality and you will find yourself in one very deep hole.

Perhaps on a more practical note focus on understanding the disease and your treatment options. Maybe take photos for comparision and keep a journal. Don't go searching desperately for cure. Try each treatment and form an objective opinion of what it can and cannot do for you. It is not a failure, it is another tool in the tool chest. There is the scaling, the discomfort, the redness, several aspects to the disease. What does each do. With most there are cycles and stages to the disease. Understand the nature of your specific case. The more clinical a view you can take of the disease the easier it is to learn to manage the disease. Ultimately you have to learn to live within the bounds of the possible. It is going to take time find those boundaries and then to find a place within those boundaries that easiest for you. Focus on doing that in as short a period time as possible and you can save yourself a lot of misery.

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have had my gp for over 20 years and have learned it is easier just to show my spots and answer any questions people have about them dont let the p make you hide ur pretty no matter if your spotted or not. my advice is no hot showers and dead sea salt and shea is good iching you can use benadryl. smile the only pearson who can stop you is you.

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I've noticed that mine came back after stressful time for me. But my original diagnosis of my Gutate P was after I had strep throat. But this drives me crazy. Last time it kinda went away by itself, but seems worse this time (itching).

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Hi Misskater,
I have GP which WAS triggered by strep throat - it started suddenly in December. I didn't even know I had P until this sudden outbreak. It started on my face, then gradually multiplied all over my entire body (as you can probably see in my profile picture). I have been taking Cyclosporine which is an oral drug for about 6 weeks now, as well as Desonide cream for my face (which cleared it up pretty quickly along with the cyclosporine) and Clobex spray. I would highly recommend talking to your doctor about cyclosporine. It sounds like you are way beyond just using a topical cream if it's all over. The Clobex spray works GREAT too! I noticed a HUGE difference when using that spray in addition to the cyclo. in clearing it up quicker. It's kind of an oily spray (like bug spray) and you rub it in over the effected areas. Fortunately my insurance covers all of these medications. I should post some pictures of my progress. My face and arms and chest are clear. I still have dark pigmentation spots all over my stomach, back, thighs and the back of my calves but it is not scaling and it's not itchy or painful anymore. For itching, I would recommend changing your soap and lotion to something hypoallergenic, if you haven't already done so. Someone on here told me about VaniCream bar soap and the cream (not the lotion). I can't recommend this enough. The soap did not burn my skin at all (like the body wash that I was using) and the lotion helps keep your skin moisturized all day and helps reduce the itching. I know my itching was a lot worse at night and there were times that it was worse than others. Keeping my skin moisturized with the Vanicream helped with that.

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For my scalp I bought Tea Tree oil, and then bought psoriasin shampoo, and mixed the too. It cleared up my scalp 100%. I wish i could say the same about the rest of my body though :(

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