Can type change

I know there are several kinds of psoriasis .
What I'm wondering if you have Guttate can it
change to Plaque, Pustular or Psoriatic Arthritis

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I have experienced plaque, PSA, guttate and pustular. I was diagnosed originally with pustular. I am clear of any symptoms of plaque, guttate and PSA right now. My pustular is under control. I say it is possible to have any and all.

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WOW! That is great! How did you get rid of it?

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I am on predisone right now. I'm sure it is lurking somewhere quietly waiting to surprise me.

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nothing turns into something else
but anyone can develop every different type of Ps and have PsA also, all at the same time

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i had plaque type p since age was pretty mild from 04-06. then i got strep throat and guttate and the plaque type completely vanished as the guttate took control.this may have occurred while taking antibiotics for strep. (i think i used prednisone 2 weeks while having guttate also)
after 1 year the guttate completely vanished and slowly was replaced with the plaque type again.
it's a little bit worse though than before having strep.
hopefully having strep throat and guttate was a once in a lifetime event for me.

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Yes! That is scary! What's next. It's just not fair

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