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This is very last minute, but the legislation is also last minute. The CA Arthritis Foundation Chapters have been supporting a piece of legislation my friends and I wrote up that is intended to substantially improve access to biologics for people with arthritis in California. I have done everything I can to make sure there are fewer restrictions for PA patients. PA is specified in the legislation.

The legislation, SB913, is being heard by the Calfornia Senate Health committee on Wednesday, April 27. If you could possibly come that day to record your support in the record that would be awesome! Unfortunately, I don't have a time frame in the day. It is currently #20 out of 26 bills being heard.

If you can not come, please fax or email a letter to your State Senator to let them know you're support this legislation.

You can learn more about the bill here: se=B&author=simitian

To identify your State Senatory, go here and click on "Your Senator":

Thanks so much for any support you can provide!
Please email me if you'd like to be more involved-

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hi meghan,
i wont to wish you good luck.

have a good day all


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