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I was wondering, what do people use to keep the plastic wrap in place on odd areas like knees and elbows that need to bend? I had thought that some sort of special dressing with a plastic liner might be the best thing to use if there is such a thing. I've even considered inventing something! haha If I could just pull a sleeve over my arms and legs it would be great. My doc wants me doing occlusion twice a day and I can't really function during the day if I have to stay relatively still go keep the wrap in place.

Does anyone have suggestions for the best tapes to use that won't detach because your skin might be alittle greasy from the topicals?

Does anyone use special wraps, bandages or anything else that could be used in place of plastic wrap?

It is VERY hot where I live this summer and sleeves I could wear in public would be very nice without having to cover the rest of my body in yet another layer of clothing.

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I occlude using saran wrap at night during the summer using saran wrap. I do my whole body and I am 99% clear. I also mainly eat zuccini, bok choy, lettuce, red cabbage. Supplements I take are Zinc 100 mg , B100 complex, nicinamide 500mg, ox bile. I also drink lots of water and do uvb light therapy. I do use some cort cream , but mainly aloe vera gel some times with witch hazel added. After two weeks of the above I am completely clear and wearing short and short sleeves and loving summer like everyone else. When it comes back to cooler weather I normalize my diet a bit and add in rice and Kefir to gain back any weight I have lost.

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Oh ya I also take Espon salt baths 3x weekly and I scrub off all the scaling.

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I'm still having good success doing it with fresh lemon juice. But am thinking of trying H202 next.

If anyone has tried it like that, let us know.

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That didn't exactly answer my question about tapes etc to hold plastic in place but your regimine sounds like it wouldn't entirely work for me. I am on a medication (Coumadin) for Thrombophillia that I cannot eat the foods you are eating without having blood tests every few days rather than weeks as I do now.

I hate it too because I miss salads so much! I can do cucumber and tomato salads but no spinach, lettuce or cabbage of any kind. Makes it very hard to lose weight as you can imagine.

I need to do the lots of water thing, I know I don't drink nearly enough to flush my system. I use prescription ointment which is working okay I just can't keep the saran wrap adhered to it. Since it is on joints where I need to be up and functioning I'm not keen on wrapping it completely around me. I'd rather just put it on like a big bandaid with tape. Thus why I asked what the best tape is.

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I have done just my elbows and just go right around with the saran wrap

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I do this all the time: medication on the elbows and knees, then wrap with saran wrap (only one layer---not a bunch). For my elbows, I have cut the toes out of two socks... I slide the sock over my arm so that the heel is at the pointy part of my elbow. If you use tightly knit socks, it holds the plastic wrap in place and is flexible but not very bulky. The socks can be used over and over again.
For my knees, I use ace bandages to hold the wrap in place.
I usually do this at night -- very comfortable to sleep in-- just make sure not to wrap anything too tight. Usually do only one side of my body at a time --- don't know why --- maybe it is slightly less confining and more comforable to sleep.
This has been successful for me for years -- although I started on Enbrel three months ago and it doesn't look like I will need to do this again (ever?).

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Ive done occlusion a couple times, just with lotions or petroleum jelly though, cause my doctor didnt actually suggest it and i oviously didnt want to use topicals that way without his consent. But that sucks though, how would you do it twice a day?... Even if its hidden under clothes cant you hear the rustling of it and stuff?

Ok well basically what i did was to wrap tightly at my ankles, put a piece of tape there then keep wrapping around a bit looser while going upwards, and at the top of my thighs wrap it tighter and tape it down. Then where the plastic wrap is going spwards i would just stick a couple pieces of tape so it doesnt come undone while i sleep. Oh and youll want to do it quite alot looser around knees and elbows just make sure you use alot of tape there, or else you wont be able to move or bend your legs, especially if youll be doing this during the day. I do the same with my arms. Sometimes itll fall down abit around my thighs though when i wake up.
Oh and if you need hands covered maybe you could try plastic or cotton gloves? I use cotton gloves at night to help with scratching sometimes...

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Personally I think doing it overnight is far better than doing it twice a day. Don't see how this would be more effective. It certainly isn't practical. Just wrap your elbows and knees with saran wrap (the cheap no-name brand works the best for stretching and clinging) once or twice around before you go to sleep. This worked great for me when I needed to do this.

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Yeah, my doc prescribed twice a day and told me to use plastic wrap because this ointment is SO greasy. She did not advise a few days on and off on it either, so that makes me wonder if perhaps she didn't give me ALL the information I needed.

So I'm going to do it 3 days on, 2 days off and use just plain OTC moisturizers in the between times. I have pretty THICK plaques so that might be why she wanted twice a day but I think that is overkill. Plus it just isn't practical when you are running errands, working etc. I have however toyed with the idea of making my own sleeves for arms and legs using the fabric that is used to make baby diapers. It has a laminated plastic liner on one side with fabric on the other. It can be sewn, so I thought of making myself custom sleeves with elastic ends to hold them in place. Look nice, not be as noisy as plastic wrap and protects my other clothes and allows me to move around freely.

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I'm surprised you guys do it with medications... I wouldn't.

The bacteria grows quickly like that. (nasty smell in the morning after)

Plus more of the medication goes into your blood stream like that. I noticed it definitely with steroidals.

1 lady posted here a couple months her daughter had a cast on her leg for a month, and her psoriasis completely went away. (no creams or anything)

So maybe just blocking the oxygen out is all that's needed. But I prefer with fresh lemon juice, plus it kills bacteria.

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I really do not think occluding under doctors orders with a cream that they are monitoring is any thing to be scared about.

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Not scared especially because the doc only has me on this occlusion twice a day for a month. I am to see her July 16 and she will decide then what our next course of action may be. I am just having a hard time getting the plastic to adhere correctly for someone that has to be up and moving around not just laying in bed.

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John I appreciate the advice, but I was advised by my derm to do this. And lemon juice would send me to the moon. OMG that would burn the crap outta me, just plain water burns. I have too many cracks in the skin for that treatment. Maybe once the cracks heal as we are trying to get happen now. My skin has gotten so tight that it cracks open and bleeds around the lesions.

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you could probably use trouser socks or even knee highs with the toe cut out , nylon knee highs are lght and cheap maybe very stretchy and can tie loosey around knees.

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For anyone interested, I have a PDF of a journal article on Occlusion therapy in psoriasis. It gets quite scientific with jargon (I'm a recent college grad so I'm used to reading these types of articles), but it gives a lot of information on how the normalization of the epidermal calcium gradient with occlusion therapy helps P and why it works.

There doesn't seem to be a way to attach files to thread replies, however, so i guess message me if you want to read it?

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bengilisa, post it here or send me.


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john, i can't attach pdf files to these replies, but if you message me your email address I can send it to you =)

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a lot of free sites allow uploading of pdf files that turns them into a link.

here is one

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ooo I never knew this john, thanks for the info! Cools, now I can put it here:

Occlusion for Psoriasis

That's the link!

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I use trash bags (cut to size needed to cover areas). I cover my arms entirely, and i use tape around the top of the arm, around the wrist, and around the area just below the bend of the elbow. I also cut the "bottom" (sealed end) of a trash bag off, and wear it as a "dress" to cover the P on my back (i tape all around the top of the "dress" to keep it in place.

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