I just got my bottle of this in the mail and am starting it today. Is anyone else having good luck with this product? I'm willing to try about anything

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Yes, I have been using ashwagandha for over a year and it's like night and day. Use of topicals is down about 85%, all plaques on my body are gone except one elbow and it's almost gone, and this is the first winter in a while that I haven't been miserable. I use 900 mg of Sensoril (patented ashwagandha extract) per day, up from 450 mg last winter. Still have it on my head (scalp, face, ears) but it's nothing like as bad as it was. When I read about the problems people are having with biologics etc. I am so thankful for God's solution for my problem - ashwagandha!
I read the info at the url you supplied. I had no idea this stuff had so many uses. I had had depression most of my life, genetic as well as situational I think, but this might be another reason why it's gone. I had attributed its (very welcome!) absence to other reasons.

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Thank you so much for replying about this. I will give a follow up as soon as I start it regularly. I am getting allergy tested this week so staying off of anything that might interfere. It's nice to know this has helped you so much. Can't wait to try it! Anna

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I also read this article. I am going to the health food market this week to pick it up. Please keep us posted on how it is working for you.,

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I am going to try this as well. I am an Indian so I have heard about this Ayurvedic medicine called Ashwagandha. Thank you all so much, introducing an Indian to his own health system. I am on biologic now but hey, if a natural cure can work, I am all for it. Gotta try it.

All the best to you all. God bless.


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