18 month toddler with NAIL PSORISIAS

Hi everyone. Im from South Africa, I am 21 years old, single mom. My mother has (SLE) and devic's disease, which is all to do with her immune system, with all the meds that she is on, her nails are really ugly... She went to a Pediatrician. I asked her about my son's toenails at the same time as it didnt look normal, he is 18 months old. she first said it can be eczema but said it looked more like psoriasis? I dont know where to start to find out, im sure a normal doctor wont help? I cant really explain how his nails look.. um they sort of yellow in some area's his right toes are worst than the left, they very i would say bumpy, one or two are almost like they swollen up and they look brittle? they dont grow straight, its like one part of the nail grows faster than the other side? but no lifting has occurred, exept for when his nails are a bit longer that normal they tend to lift. they were not so bad in the beginning as i thought it was from the day he played in building sand but they just spread to all of his toenails. i don't know if his father's side has a history as we haven't had contact for a year, my mother has immune problems like i said the sle (not sure the full name, just the abbreviation) and devics disease. My son sometimes cries and holds his feet or would rub then up and down on the bed before he sleeps and mouns, I haven't seen any skin psoriasis, and his fingernails look fine? im not sure what i should do, i wanted to load photos of his toenails but not sure where? if anyone has experienced this please let me know? thank you

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Angel my son is 16m and has been in the process of being diagnosed with psoriasis for about 4m now, he has it on 3/4 of his body. My family doc told me to get into a pediatrican and get a referral to a dermatologist. So I would suggest getting into the derma they can properly diagnose him and hopefully help him.

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I would take him to a dermatologist to look at his nails. I have nail problems on hands and feet, and rub my feet on the sheets near the nail bed because they itch. I hope this helps you.

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Please see a dermatologist for this as soon as possible. The rubbing of his feet could be be two different things, itching from the nails and if it is Psoriasis then there is a chance that he could be having pain in his toes/feet which could be Psoriatic Arthritis, so you really need to get to the doctor and get a proper diagnosis. I am praying that it is neither P or PA and maybe just nail fungus but it doesn't sound like it since it's effecting so many toe nails at once.

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If its nail p the nails are tender to the touch. I thought I had nail fungus too. I keep my nails low so they don't get caught in things. No one seems to know how to fix them. I have a dermatologist and he dismissed my nails concentrating on my skin more.

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They do turn yellow and start to lift. Forgot to add that. The dents in the nails are called pits. Also psoriasis.

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