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Connect with patients and caregivers affected by psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis. Discuss skin disorders, light therapy, rash, treatments, and more.

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Any suggestions welcome.

In: Psoriasis




Hello. I have been suffering with extreme irritation of the skin on 9/10 if my fingers. There are indeed pustules in the swollen areas and after a constant 4 months of itching and puss, my nails are turning into mush and falling off. I have been to three different doctors and confirmed that it is not fungal or bacterial, possible pustular psoriasis or dishydrosis, and I have done blood ... Read More



Scalp Psoriasis

In: Psoriasis




Hi been suffering from scalp psoriasis for a time being and noticing it to be spreading on the other part of the body. Would like to ask for your advise on ways to control it. If there are natural way or home remedies as I am breastfeeding ... Read More

YOU made an Inspire glossary!

Radha_Inspire's journal



Greetings! I’d like to introduce a new resource for all of us in the Inspire community - a glossary. We believe this will be a helpful resource that will improve your experience on Inspire. Thanks to the many, many of you who suggested this feature and helped make it a priority. Inspire’s glossary includes common terms and acronyms that reflect the shorthand that patients, caregivers ... Read More

A seat at the table gives patients the chance to influence research

Chronic-Inspire's journal



By Radha_Inspire Digital Editor, Inspire Inspire member Jean Rommes (Jean-5) was at a conference several years ago that brought together patients and medical researchers interested in exploring ways to collaborate. “That was an absolutely fascinating experience… You could see lightbulbs going off in people’s faces around the room as people talked,” she said. Increasingly, stakeholders ... Read More



Guttate psoriasis flare-up since end of December!

In: Conversations




I have been taking Methtrexate for over a year now along with folic acid and 2 creams for severe guttate psoriasis! Just awful! People always say, 'Wow, what's wrong with your hands, etc.?' Then, I have to go into my explanation, as I am sure all of you have to do with your break-outs. I have sores on the palms of my hands that just won't go away and that I have to be careful of and ... Read More


Mandymuff's journal



When we are unwell it is sometimes very difficult to find the "good things" in our day, so, we stay focused on the pain, the inability, and the things which constantly bring us down. Finding "the positive" in any given day takes a lot of thought, incite, and just plain guts. However, that is what I am proposing for us, in this thread. Will it be easy every day? Certainly not! However ... Read More

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