Chemo seems to be working/Avastin question

This is not a surprise to me because my back pain (spine mets) has diminished since I started chemo. But I had a treatment today, and my markers were way down. My CEA seems to be a pretty reliable indicator, and that's the one my oncologist is following. Yay!

My onc is holding off doing scans until the sixth round (probably in July), since the bloodwork and clinical indicators are so positive.

By the way, I always end up in a crappy mood after my Avastin treatments (latest one last week thankfully). This was my fourth treatment, so I'm thinking it may be a pattern. Is that coincidence, or have any of you experienced mood changes and near suicidal thoughts the days right after Avastin?


Edited May 21, 2010 at 8:38 pm

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