Yesterday at 10:10 am
Hi my name is Christina and I
am also on plavix and believe it Is a true poison to the body ! I was put on it after I had a carotid dissection and cva back in April . my doctor said only have to take it for six months ! can't wait another 3 months to go! I get every single side effect from the plavix . headaches , severe fatigue , constipation , ext... I am so over to. as myself use to be a very active 38 year old and now I feel like I'm more like 80. but you just have to stay positive , it's hard but that is what is getting me through this whole ordeal ! in my stroke group they tell me I might just be tired fro
the stroke . which is probably true , but I know the Meds have a Lot to do with it to. you need to look at it differently ! that you are one of the lucky ones that lived ! that's what I always have to remind myself ! it is what it is ! can't change it ! got to take it day by day! every day is a challenge for me ! somedays are bad and some are good ! but eventually they'll be light at the end of the tunnel !

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