my son have sarcoidosis, and they want to deny him of his ssi.

my son has sarcoidosis he has had it since he was 11. it has had him in the hospital many time. he also gets rememicade treatments every 8 weeks he takes so many differ medicines daily. he complain of bodyaches,leg swollen ,ankle, neck and arm. he have fevers off and on. he sleep alot he tells me mama im tried, i try to get up and end up right back in bed. he is getting his ssi. he turn 18 in 2010. i fill in some paper they sent them back and told me he was deny. he is 20 now i have a hearing this month. im so sarced for my son. he's been dealing with for 10 years and it s not getting better. i dont know what question they will asked him he has never work. please help

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