Relationship Between Fungus And Sarcoidosis?

I'm new to this whole Sarcoidosis thing. I have pulmonary sarcoidosis, but from reading some of the posts, it sounds like there are folks much worse off than I. Anyway, I am wondering if anyone knows of any link between a whole body fungal infection and sarcoidosis? Just curious.

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Proven, no. Within the realm of possibility, yes.

Current theory is that sarcoidosis is a genetic predisposition with a environmental trigger. That is to say that if you possess the gene which lends you succeptable and you are exposed to the right trigger or combination of triggers you will most likely develop the disease. Things which are thought to be triggers in sarcoidosis are bacteria, viruses, fungus, allergens, chemicals, pollutants . . .pretty much anything which can be inhaled.

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I know of no such link. But I have read a study in which patients received anti-fungal medicine and showed improvement in their sarcoidosis. I'm sorry, I don't have time to look for a link to the study right now. I likely found it on Google Scholar.

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I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in April. I went on the anti-fungal diet and my symptoms improved (but I was also started on prednisone).

Now with that said, I stayed on prednisone and went off the antifungal diet and had a flare up. Sooooooooo-guess who is back on the anti-fungal diet.

The site---you can look up "Know the Cause" and also "Doug Kaufman". Doug also, has a tv show that comes on twice a day. Some times his show sounds like an infomercial for some products, but I look past that.

He also has some books on it but, I went to the library and checked them out. The one I liked the best is The germ called cancer. (something like that). I did buy the cookbook because I missed bread and wanted a safe recipe.

Basically the diet is no sugar, no grains, no mushrooms. When I follow that, I am eating healthier--no box stuff and no starches. Plus I have NOT that is NOT gained weight on the prednisone. So--I am a fan.

Hope this helps--my next step is to ask the doc for some dyflucan or nystatin-- to see if that won't really give this sarcoidosis a kick in the butt.

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Hi KL,

Bypass the doc & try oliveleaf extract, curcumin & turmeric they're natural anti-fungals that have very few side effects.


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I have a link on my profile to a study about sarcoidosis patients being "cured" by itraconazole, an antifungal. I was on itraconazole from December through May. Since going off the itraconazole, I have come to the conclusion that some things that I thought were caused by the prednisone - like swollen feet and legs - were caused by the itraconazole or by the two drugs being given together. I have felt so much better since being off the itraconazole... But!

I am having a sarc flare right now, according to my regular doctor who doesn't really know anything about sarcoidosis, but. I have to agree - symptoms have returned, and this doctor says I have skin sarc, now. :( Biopsy next week. The "skin sarc" popped up in December, right after going on my sarc meds.

Is it the summer sun? I have been trying to avoid it. The food I eat? As the flare progressed, my food aversion returned. Was it those four pills of melatonin I took right before the flare began? It doesn't seem like that would be enough. If so, it's entirely my own fault.

I'm waiting to hear from my pulmonary doctor after he reads my chart from yesterday with my regular doctor, see what he says.

Hi, ozealean. I looked at those supplements but they were expensive. Where did you say you get your's again? I will write it down and get me some. Thanks.

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Please consult your doctor before adding any supplements. Curcumin extract and such has many contraidications, drug interactions and possible side effects.

In the two months I tried it, under the supervision of a licensed herbalist, I became borderline anemic and hypoglycemic which exaggerated the symptoms I was trying to alleviate. The herbalist is the one who advised me to stop it.

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Hi, Ozealan,
Thanks I forgot that part when replying. I do take olive leaf extract in nasal spray and Grapefruit seed oil. Also, I use coconut oil when sauting and as an oil on my salad-- highly anti-fungal foods are spinach, carrots, garlic, coconut, tumeric (not only anti-fungal but also, anti-inflamatory). Also, supporting anti-fungal is the multivitamins and Doug suggest taking powdered psyllium hulls (to keep the bowels moving and riding the intestines of mycotoxins).

You may be right about keeping it a natural a possible. I have only been diagnosed for 2 months now and ready to get this over with. (hahahhaha)

It is really nice to see someone that is on the same page. When I told my dr. (pulmy) I was going on an anti-fungal diet--he just made a weird noise in his throat--no real words--so I assumed he thought it was poppycock.

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I have been dealing with sarcodosis for about ten years. While on prednisone I came down with a bad fungus known as blastomycosis. No oe put the two together other than depressed amunine system then contacted fungus. I'm not so sure I agree. Anyway a month in the hospital then a year and a half on itraconozol and now I'm back to dealing with little ole sarcodosis. I never know if my shortness of breath is damage from fungus or active sarc. Wish some one ad the answers

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Hi MaryMay,

Turmeric capsules may be expensive, but the powder you can buy from an Asian supermarket for around $5 a pound, which should last for 6 months to a year depending how many people share. Add a teaspoon of turmeric to a lipid like virgin olive oil warm it & add to your food. In Oz oliveleaf extract can be bought for $15/500ml bottle or 100 capsules for same cost. I take 1 tab every 12 hours or 10ml of liquid in a glass of water every 8 hours. Curcumin, I have to buy this from ''the States'' which is the most expensive of the 3 which can cost atleast $20/month upto $100 depending on how much you take.


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I believe hypothyroidism can be linked to nail fungal infections. Perhaps hypothyroidism can be caused/impacted by sarcoid? So, this may be a potential link. I think some docs think sarc has an infectious component (as well as genetic and/or environmental components) – docs think it may be triggered by a virus. 1 doc told me that they have not found bacteria in sarc impacted organs, although they have looked. No truly known cause or cure right now. I think we’re still waiting…

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Thanks to everyone for their replies to me and also for the description of the antifungal diet. I keep forgetting why I bought the coconut oil!

PlainTRUSS, I know. Curcumin is the one I am the most hesitant about. I asked the doctor about supplements and he said nothing has been proven. I doubt he wants to hear me bring it up again. I think I will though. I'm still working on getting myself to a real sarc clinic - although I don't think most of them go for supplements - and I have got some ideas on how I can swing it. I just want the sarc specialist for peace of mind.

Had other stuff going on so haven't been on here as much as I would like to be. Cheers to everybody!

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Just want to make it clear - I was on the itraconazole for histoplasmosis and took the dose for that. I think the sarc dose was more in the study. I'd have to read the article again.

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Use the coconut oil instead of any other oils --it is a great anti-inflammatory.

Since I was newly diagnosed in April, I just went to my primary care doctor to get a treatment plan for this sarcoidoisis (he is a D.O.) and wanted to have someone on board that is going to take care of my WHOLE body instead of just the pulmy. I was so happy with what we (together) came up with. The guy listened and gave his take on the things I had read about and he gave me some new ones.

He said that the reason for the cramping was the 30 mg of prednisone that I take daily--he was so on top of monitoring all of the side effects of prednisone and ordered lab work.

When I mentioned a diet free of sugar, grains, starches and molds--I think--he actually got excited. He said now that is really good especially the coconut oil because it is a great anit-inflammatory. He also said that this diet life style is good for diabetes which you can develop being on the prednisone. He also said that it helps with weight management because prednisone has a tendency to give you the munchies.

It is so wonderful to have a doctor that listens, works with you, knows your disease and not just trying to push pills (more chemicals--possible triggers) on you.

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