Could this cystic fibrosis breakthrough help people with sarcoidosis?

The story I have linked to below seems to offer hope for people with cystic fibrosis. But it also mentions that the technique may also help people with other lung conditions, though sarcoidosis is not listed.

I was just wondering if anyone on this forum has the scientific knowledge to say whether this has any implications at all for people living with sarcoidosis?

As a layman it seems to me that the research being described here might take scientists a tiny step forward in the drive to find a treatment for sarcoidosis.

I could of course be hopelessly wrong about this.

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Well, call me bitter, but it looks to me like CURING a disease would kill the golden goose -

"We're not talking about a cure for CF; we're talking about a drug that hits the major problem in the disease. This is the enabling technology that will allow that to happen in a matter of years," said Rajagopal, a Harvard Medical School assistant professor of Medicine.

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I don't think so.

Sarcoidosis is a completely different disease.


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It doesn't mention sarcoidosis but it says other lung condition. I have told my doctor that I think there's a correlation with CF and sacoidosis. The reason I say that is because I have carry the worse gene for CF. I was very luck that my husband wasn't a carrier of the gene for CF. So all of my children are ok but I was told by a genetic specialist that if my husband did have the gene my children would have been born still born or only live a couple of days if they got the gene. Thank God we didn't have to worry about that.


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I hope it works out for the CF people. From my reading, cystic fibrosis did sound close in SYMPTOMS to fibrosis from sarc plus phlegm from whatever, general inflammation, maybe. They really need to know how to treat fibrosis, maybe something will come of it for pulmonary sarc with fibrosis.

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My interest in this is that it may be a step forward to our being able to rebuild damaged lung tissue using stem cells. My hope is that being able to address lung damage in this way will be of benefit to all lung disease sufferers. But I appreciate there might be 1,001 reasons why this cannot be applied to sarcoidosis. Since not a huge amount of research is being done into sarcoidosis, it may be that one of our best hopes lies in what scientists can do for other better funded lung diseases.

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That's what I hope, too!

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If I understand the nature of the breakthough correctly, researchers have been able to clone lung tissue with the defective gene for cystic fibrosis. That's great if you're trying out different treatments for CF.

But sarcoidosis is a systemic disease, even though the lungs are the organ most often affected. Morover, the lung tissue in sarcoidosis isn't diseased (or defective). It's under attack by granulomatous inflammation.

What would help in sarcoidosis would be an equvalent model that can be used to try different treatments. But how do you grow granuloimas in a petri dish? So far, the best we can do is provoke granulomas in the bodies of mice. But there's no guarantee that these granulomas will behave exactly the same as human granulomas.


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Thanks for putting that in context, Janyce. That makes a lot of sense to me.

I suppose what I was hoping was that in cases of lung-based sarcoidosis where lung cells have been destroyed, it might be possible to regrow them using stem cells. But I guess that's still a long way off.


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