New Meds And Sleeping

I was recently put on Seroquel 150mgs has anyone ever taken this? I took it and slept about 10 hours and when I got up I wanted to just go right back to bed, I could not function right, on top of that they have also added Neurontin. What are some side affects or other things you noticed taking these together?

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Ihave been prescribed that for sleeping but cannot function on it was to strong knocked me out and next day couldn't arouse me as if I was in a coma scary. I stopped taken it or take it when you have no place you need to be for 2days

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That is a higher dose, iirc. (I think you can go as low as 25 mg. I don't have my husband's PDR around to look it up.))

Seroquel is a heavy duty drug used for sedating people with psychosis/schizophrenia. It can also be used for sedation in severe anxiety, agitation, etc.

There are much milder drugs! Why not try Trazodone, etc? (Not abusable or addictive.)

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