No conclusive test results

So far all my blood work has been within normal range.
When I spoke to my family doctor, who is coordinating with the rheumy doctor she thought I had mixed connective tissue disease. I look all this stuff up and in most cases the diagnosis of any auto immune disease is supported by clinical lab results. All my results so far are normal except for a very low Vitamin D level. It is at about 15. I have Raynauds a lot of joint pain, stomach pain, numbness, rashes, headaches. I feel that I have been dismissed by the specialist because of lack of findings with my blood work. I feel awful most of the time. This kind of stuff has been going on with me for about 25 years. I have periods of being kind of ok, then I just start to feel lousy. But this flare has been going on for quite a while now. I don't know where to turn next. Can anyone help me?

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