Dr's make me CRAZY...

Funny how things work huh... Thank god I have an appt next week at Duke in NC for my granddaughter. I took her to her Rhummy here in FLA for her monthly check up and I asked the Dr if he thought maybe getting some x-rays or some other tests would be smart so we would be able to montior the progression of her Scleroderma. He looked at me like I had 16 eyeballs and with a straight face said "WHY" nothing is wrong with her!! Wait WHAT?!?! There is nothing to watch for she has a small case of Scleroderma but its ok, her foot is just a tad bit smaller than the other but who's isnt..... WHO'S isnt you ask.. Well I am thinking that All 4 of my children and 3 of my other grandchildren dont seem to have a NOTICABLE difference in the size (2 sizes smaller) of their feet nor do I. What may not be a "big" deal to the Dr's is a HUGE deal to those of us that live with the fear of the unknown.. I dont know why she is having a harder time bending her leg or why she walks on the outside of her foot or her skin is dark, patchy, hard, shiny, or disforming, or why she has to come home most days crying from school because some parents dont teach their children that everyone is different and beautiful and its ok to ask whats wrong..
So in my closing rant of the day I will say its all ok. I will keep on trucking and telling Dr's that I think they should go into retirement and leave the hard work for those that sill care! I feel a vacation coming on...

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