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Now is not the time to let go. Now is not the time to give up. Now is not the time to stop. You got to keep going, keep striving and moving froward. Don't look back, don't slack up, but regroup, refocus and press a head. It might get rough, you might get a couple bruises, but in the end it will be worth it. This too shall come to pass. To God be the glory. Love Brother D

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WOW!!!! Just what I needed to hear!!!!! Thanks to God!!!!!

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Thank you for uplifting us all!

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thanks for the uplifting words... Be blessed brother D.

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AMEN BROTHER D!! I affirm that!

"The more we call on the Lord
the more we can feel his Presence.
Day by day he draws us closer
to his loving heart."
--from www.sacredspace.ie

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Thanks Bro, your are right its time for me to get tough and lift one another up.

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