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I just wanted to tell all of the Inspire people I met at the conference how great it was to meet them!!!!! This was not the first one I have attended but it was certainly the best because I got to talk to so many wonderful people from this site.

I really feel so much more COMMUNITY between us and I hope that next year even more of us can attend. Thanks to all the people who saw my Inspire ribbon and stopped to talk to me.

We are an amazing group of diverse people who share a strange disease that in many ways isolates us ....but at an Education Conference we become empowered by our new knowledge and the friends we make......thanks to all the people who helped make this conference a great one!


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Hi Lauriejill, I am so glad we got to meet! I had a great time at the conference, and met a lot of new people and reconnected with many old friends. Looking forward to Dallas next year!


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I was glad to meet you too! I better buy some cowboy boots (?)

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It was great to meet you. I am already looking forward to next year!

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Me too! It will be great to get together again and make our connections stronger and stronger.

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