Why do tarlov cyst symptoms come and go?

Does anyone know the medical/physiological reason why tarlov cyst symptoms come and go/oscillate?

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Some of the pain depends on what you are doing physically. I have had to learn my limits.

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Hi Prosperita, Hurtin2 & Camilleberg,

I was interested to read the question and the 2 replies because I have active tarlov cysts at the moment but they had been dormant for quite awhile. For the past week or two my 2 Tarlov Cysts in my sacrum have been very painful and I could feel them swelling up. I also know that it helps to have a nap or rest on my bed or divan for quite awhile to help the CSF to return to return to the brain.

I have had to spend two days out in town this week and three days last week, one after the other, and by the time I arrived home at night, I was in diabolical pain. Sitting for too long and/or being on my feet too long definately makes the pain worse.

I would like to know what makes them active after being dormant for months at a time ! Can anyone help me with the answer to that please ? Is it stress or surgery or anything like that because just before mine became so active recently I was very stressed and then soon afterwards I was in hospital having a Coronary Angiogram and a stent put in. The doctor damaged my Femoral Artery during the procedure and they were trying to stop the bleeding for some time, (including all night) . Does a shock like that activate the TC's to be active again ?

It would be very helpful if a Tarlov Cyst Doctor could answer our queries on this site ?

Beth, from Australia

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I wondered that myself. I have what I call flare ups and they can last 1 - 4 days usually but they seem to be increasing in frequency, duration and effects.

I have spoken to many people, Doctors and specialist about this and I believe that what is happening is yes, a spinal fluid pressure change, but also the reaction of your cyst being attacked by your immune system.

Our immune system is there to protect against foreign bacteria, cysts, tumors, anything that is in the body that shouldn't be.

I believe my immune system is attacking the cysts and causing them to become irritated, hence triggering inflammation, pain and the other symptoms that can come with it.

Time for us all to learn and understand physiology. The body is an amazing thing and can heal or damage itself quite easily. Any change out of the norm can bring change to everything. It's an interconnected system and one thing can always effect another.

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