Hirschsprung With SBS

Hi. I am new to this group for most of my life Ive been dealing with short bowel. until one fateful day in februray i woke with extreme pain. After months of problems I have been told that i most likely have hirschsprung disease that the SBS masked it for so many yrs. so i googled hirschsprung and found out that treatment was removal. but that not an option for me. It would only make the sbs worse. so what do u do when the treatment only makes things worse?

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I don't know. What I do know is keep asking. Long story short, my friend was told she had metastasized liver cancer which had reached her colon. In the end she had very minor colon cancer and an unusual liver but no cancer. She persisted and didn't just do what they said. So keep asking and pressing for alternatives!! Good luck!

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