A few minutes alone

I have a few free minutes, so thought I should post after having been off the computer for a long while. I'm fine, fought off a cold....all by myself! No doctors or ER visit this time. That's a big WOW for me. I'm just taking care of my granddaughter, the feisty, funny, sweet & bratty Makayla...aka Mick Mack. She is a huge handful, and yes, I get very tired. That is why God invented naps. LOL! I would not trade watching her for a million dollars. This is our time to bond, and we are good buddies. We have "girls night" a couple of times a week and she stays over with me. We read books, play, have big rough and tumbles, and then just pass out. When I have more time I will post pics, of myself and my family.
Just thought I should let everyone know I'm still here. Nothing major going on in my life, but since my laptop died it has been a battle for the one and only desktop that is still living, and it's hard to post.
Hoping and praying that everyone is doing well this summer. Hugs and prayers to you all....
Babs in Texas

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