Autosomal dominant traits

I wanted children more than anything in life. God was gracious enough to bless me with health during my pregnancies ( both were beautiful suprises!)
Dealing with severe chronic pain as my babies are gettimg older is so very hard. My 3 year old always asks if my back is ok before asking for a piggy back ride. She brings me icepacks out of the blue to make mommy feel better. Shes obsessedwoth BooBoos, constantly wants to look under my supportive braces, and tells me when she grows up shell be a doctor sobshe can play with bandaids and make mommy all better. Sad face...
When she wants to escape a situation ( say eating broccoli), she tells menagerie can't because her back hurts and she needsto lie down.
My worry is I have EDS type 3 and its autosomal dominant. That means, statistically, 50% of my children will have the disorder. I am VERY careful to not complain of pain around the children, and if I must go to the doctor, I tell them I'm going tobrun big girl errands.....
I just don't know how much I should explain to a 3 and 4 year old. I do know lying isn't even effective anymore, I just don't want to worry them.
Also, if my youngest keeps complaining of back pain, should I take her to a specialist? I know her pediatrician would blow this off.....
Should I keep my kids out of any roughousing situations and any impact sports? I'm desperate to protect there joint so they nwont end up disabled in their early 20' s.
To top it off, my 3 yr old is a monkey... I caught her eating cheerios ON TOP of the refrigerator. Please pray for there safety!

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