Help I'm Having Quints!!

I'm expecting quints can anyone here help?

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1. remember their names

2. shculue

3. keep things in their place

4. family (free babysitters)

5. repect their differents (no one for all)

6. calm down

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Rember to take help every time it is offered.
If you have a church maybe they will help with Mommies helpers (teenagers and grandma's) who can come over and help during the day and after school.
Routine will be critical.
Rember God never gives us more then we can handle.
Pray for patience and strength.

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Well first off let me say congratulations. Will these be your first children or do you already have some? Was this a surprise? Well I was asking all those questions because unfortunately, I don't have any advice, but was wondering if there was something special you did to get pregnant, let alone pregnant with quints? My husband and I have been trying to have our first baby and are trying to do whatever it takes to actually get pregnant. So if you could let me know and in the meantime, if I hear anything about quints, I will let you know. A good show to watch, if you don't already that might help, is John and Kate plus 8 on the discovery health channel, of course; they have twins... and sextuplets!!

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there are lots of places out there who will give moms of super twins free stuff. i got this site from some online friends.

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I have five, adorable kids! The oldest are quads! The quads are seven and Josh is 3. They are: Danica , Aleena, Jacob, Hannah Claire, and, a singleton, Joshua. When we had the quads, we were extremely excited. We thought that would be all. When they were 3, I decided I wanted more, then came Josh. I am also six months with another girl! I'm sure I can give you some advice.
-Give each one a color. Everything belonging to a certain kid is labeled with their color.
-Outside support is awesome!
- timeout!
-stick to the schedule

email me any time at


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hey im morgan and i have some advice my older sister had 5 as well this is BIG advice bring all your family members 2 a big baby shower and if u already had a baby shower try to find some free stuff and if u need any advice i have all day because of my intence bed rest so i'm here 4 u

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Hi kk9753, can you help me please,
I am on fertility treatment, I am very upset, each time I have IUI , I do not succeed, .
I would like to know how many IUI you had.
And before your IUI , did you had hCG? and how many shot you had? on which day .
Please help me ,. thank you

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I'm expecting Quintuplets as well and when i got married me and my husband agreed to have three Pregnancies, even if we got multiples each time which means since this is my first Pregnancy I will have at least Seven children but probably more as my family as a history of multiples. Please Help!!!! I have never had any kind of infertility treatment.

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"WOW" God has blessed you in a very great way! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

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