10 weeks pregnant with a copper iud in place

I found out 3 weeks ago that I am pregnant. I have had a copper iud in for about 5 1/2 years. I have been spotting since I was about 5 or 6 weeks pregnant. I kept waiting for the spotting to turn into my period so two weeks into spotting after a vivid pregnancy dream I went and bought a pregnancy test. I took the test the next morning, and it was positive. I called my dr immediately and she sent me in for an ultrasound to rule out an etopic pregnancy. The ultrasound revealed that I was 7 weeks pregnant and the little heart was beating away. The baby implanted below the iud on the same side of the uterus. I have seen all of the best doctors and the iud has been tried to be removed but they can not find the strings. I had surgery scheduled last week to have the iud removed by the top pelvic surgeon using a scope. The surgeon called the night before the surgery and said he had been reviewing all of the ultrasounds ( by this time I had had 4 ultrasounds)and he felt that he would have about a 90% chance of causing a miscarriage because of the iud's position. So needless to say the surgery was canceled. We are completely out of options so now we just have to wait to see what happens. My bleeding still continues even with cramping. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced an iud pregnancy and if so did you bleed? What was the outcome?

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I'm sorry you've found yourself in a risky spot. I personally have no advice but I've seen this topic come up many times...people pregnant with iud. I'm sure if you do a quick search you'll find helpful info.

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hey did you have any other syptoms other then a missed period to think you where pregnant, There is a chance i could be in the same boat as you.last week i went to the doctor and they couldnt see my strings they did an ultrasound and the think it is still in there but it may be out of place so there is a chance i could be pregnant they want me to wait to weeks and come back. so we will what happens

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I was in the exact same position as you, pregnant, copper iud, baby implanted below and on same side as device.

Some spotting in the first trimester....

I now have a 9 week old baby girl, I was induced at 37 weeks ( pre-e)

I know it's scary and most of the things you read online are negative, but it can work out and be fine.

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Red411- The only other symptom was my breasts were tender. If you think you might be pregnant and there is anyway they can locate the strings you might want to take the iud out. By the time I figured out I was pregnant I was 7 weeks. And I got into the specialist by week 8 but by then the baby was too big to safely get the iud past. There are things they can do to locate the strings. The first appointment I went to they attached something to my cervix and pulled my uterus down to try to find the strings they thought they had mine but he didn't dare to pull it because he said it felt embedded. They can also do surgery and use a scope to locate it and pull it out. Good luck with everything.

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claudidoll- Thank you for sharing your experience with me. It helps to know that someone has gone through the same thing and had a positive outcome. Did you spot almost everyday? I spot everyday, sometimes it is heavier and sometimes it is very very light. Did you have any minor cramping? Did the spotting stop right after you got into the second trimester? Did you have any other complications? I'm sorry to ask so many questions I am just really nervous and it is so nice to find someone that has had a similar experience. Thanks again.

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