Kindergarten...not what it used to be:(

I am always so shocked by what is expected of our children. Our children are not allowed to "have a childhood" anymore. It's just "work, work, work" like
my preemie says.

My boy is reading well and is growing, however is
attention span is poor and he is more interested in
playing than in anything else. He gets in trouble due to this. We have a meeting with his teacher next week.
It's funny when she tells me that other kids are writing sentences!!! I am not impressed. I used to teach first grade many years ago and it was during this time during their First Grade year that they started to write.
The amount of homework is also crazy. At this point we will just do what we can... it can get stressful not
to mention the fact that I feel bad that he is "worked
to death" all day and then has to come home to complete this packet of homework... ugh.

Another reason to go out and vote parents. We do need to vote for the most Education Friendly legislators.. we
also need to vote for the ones that will fund education as well!

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I was just reading your post thinking how right you are! And then I thought wait a second I think I know her! She lives in Wesley Chapel just like me! lol small world. I just signed up again on this website. I am not looking forward to Kindergarten next year. Maybe you can give me some pointers.
Jennifer (Rowen's mom)

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I am in your exact same shoes right this very moment...though my son in kindergarten is not very much a preemie. 36 weeker, so I don't attribute that to his lack of attention span. I attribute it to the fact that he is a 5 year old boy that needs to learn more through play than through books at this point. I am with you on the sentence writing. That is something we are supposed to be working with him on now. He is also reading fairly well (which shocks me since he is only in kindergarten). They say that kindergarten is the new first grade! Craziness!!! I have attached a video that may give you some insight to the real problems we are facing....

Education is much bigger problem than any one legislator can solve. My husband works in Education at the leadership/research level and here is a video he sent me the day that my son's teacher first e-mailed me about problems she having with him not being able to sit still in class.
Anyhow, do the best you can with the current system we have. It sounds like your son is doing pretty good. Some kids are just better at "the system" than some. Kids don't all learn the same way, but the system is designed to only teach in one manner.

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I so agree with you. I am a waldorf supporter and I absolutely dont think I will send my daughter to kindergarten if we can afford not too. There are some private schools as well that offer more waldorf/reggio emilio style education so we are looking into those as well. But not sure if we can afford those. I cant even believe they are teaching sentence structure. Language is so dont even understand what they are writing. Waldorf teaches kids oral storytelling and language development skills before they even introduce the alphabet at around 1st or 2nd grade when they are ready, and on top of it, kids are so different and reach those skills at very different times. I hate the one size fits all education model. Its so sad

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Currently, my son is in public school. We can't really afford private, but I can make it happen if they ever tell me that I need to medicate my kid because he can't sit still....know what I mean?
I do like the method of teaching that montessori uses and we have a couple of montessori's in town.

My son went to private preschool at the Catholic school, but their methods are the same as the public school and class sizes are nearly the same as well.

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Yea I am so with you.....There is one private school that is actually fairly inexpensive that we are thinking about and it is only 3 days a week and only 4 hours a day and we are lucky as my daughter doesnt start kindergarten for a year and a half so we still have some time to look into it. I think it might be like 300 or 400 a month so I have no idea how that compares with other private schools so we are looking into that. I am also looking into co-ops as well and might even form one of my own since I have several friends who are thinking about home schooling as well. I was a teacher and your son is totally normal. My middle schoolers couldnt even sit still and I just worked WITH their energy levels. I made them do three different activities in one period and I actually had a middle schooler TELL ME that I wore her out.....Now how are them apples for you hahahaha. Yea kids need to be kids and I think education should be fun and kinesthetic not stagnant. I had my kids doing all sorts of projects, working in groups, we even would go outside and read or play physical games that I would incorporate lessons in. I taught for 10 years and NEVER had any issues with ADHD, or anything even though other teachers would complain about the same kids in their classrooms. That was very telling to me that its not the kids, its the structure of the classroom. Gosh I am glad I am not alone in how I feel about the current education system.

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By the way ladies, until that whole school reform thing happens, homeschooling is now hip and fashionable, see below ;) -are-turning-to-diy-education.html

We're currently a la carte homeschooling (a little Waldorf, a little public school therapy, etc.). At least for Kindergarten, I prefer to think we are "outside schooling," and not so much in the home.

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I couldn't agree more. My daughter is now in 2nd grade and when she entered Kindergarten I was stunned by the intensity of the learning program. My daughter had just come out of a preschool that was all about "learning through play" - into that. Yikes. Thank God we had an excellent teacher who worked with my daughter's strengths and the special education teacher who helped with the areas that needed improvement.

One thing I did prior to Kindergarten and prior to each year ending was to mail the school principal a letter that stated my daughter's strengths and personality traits as well as areas that she would want help in going forward. The Special Education teacher told me to do that each year and it has worked out extremely well because they use that letter to help determine an appropriate fit for a teacher. I would definitely recommend this to any of you approaching next year by writing a letter this May.


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Great idea Deb! I'm going to do that, as my son is just in PreK now.

Did anyone see that Obama gave forgiveness to some states for the No Child Left Behind? Florida is one of them! Yay! I hope it helps and they ease up teaching to the test.

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twinmom330 - i love sir ken!!! great post on you tube, i hadn't seen that one before.

jeffmama - i can totally relate to your frustration. my son is in kindergarten. he cannot write his letters on paper nor can he recognize them on paper. he can however recognize them on the computer and type. but the teachers' hyperfocus on his copying board work has done a real number on his confidence vis-a-vis writing, coloring and even painting. he refuses to do any of those things. this breaks my heart as he used to paint for hours and tell stories to accompany his paintings.

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Jeffmama - we live in WC, too! (And hi, Jennifer!) My son will be going into kindergarten next year and I have the same concerns. My nephew started school last year in the area as well and I saw his weekly schedule once - so different from what it used to be. When I was in kindergarten, it was a half day and very play-focused. My nephew went all day, no nap or rest time, barely any recess, with lots of structured subject time. Even this year in Pre-K, our son's class seems more academically focused than it was last year (and it's an ESE class). We don't know yet if our son will be mainstreamed or not, but he has some "attention issues" as well that probably wouldn't go over very well in a regular class. I am curious which school you're at, if you don't mind sharing (you can PM me if you don't want to put it on the board).

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