Upate on Matthew

Ok it has been two years One Month and 20 some odd days since Matt was hurt. He is in school full time (knock on wood) He is in therapy still walking on the treadmill to keep pumping info into the muscles that took a nap. We still see things changing.. slow as a slug but out of the blue he will do something new with his legs and I will say when did that come back and he will say Hmmm "Now"?.. lol He has found a new comfort in that chair that kinda freaks me out.. He seem's to like it. He gets around faster than us and always yells back.. Come on slow poke... I swear one day I am going to sit on his lap and say ok now go...lol
He has become a daredevil in the chair.. I doubt it will make it another year. He has trashed it. Needs new breaks and wheels and screws and paint..lol Tipper bars are a thing of the past.. snaps the metal on them and said he was a big boy and didn't need them. He is proficiant in getting in and out of his chair from the floor... not by choice sometimes as he gets nasty to his sister and she flips him and walks away.. gotta love sibling rivalry. He can get in his chair in less than a minute and flips her onto the floor. Note he is 6'7 and his sister is 6 foot tall. He doesn't let the world stop him right now. We went to get Military ID cards today in orlando.. Renewal time. Matt looks 25 not 17.. If you got to Dsiredimages@aol.com on facebook you can view the photos and see what I mean. His pump is working well .. he has had little issues accept when he gets ingrown toenails.. kid won't leave his toes alone. Well wanted to check in and hope everyone is doing as well as they can be doing..
Mucho Love to Everyone!

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