Improving Health Care

Before we can begin to decide how to improve health care in this country, we need to identify the problem(s).

I would like to start an open forum that list what upsets each of you with your doctor, your insurance companies, and anything else related to healthcare.

What I don't like: high cost of medical insurance, insurance companies ability to deny paying approved claims, medical insurance not provided for everybody. It makes me very angry to hear politicians complain about the high cost of healthcare, when I feel that health care should be one of our largest social cost. We live in one of the richest countries in the world and health care is not available to everyone???? I also resent that our politicians will never have Medicare, because they have their own "private" funded healthcare-yet they decide what is available for us the common folk.

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What I have experienced with my daughter's insurance company that has been frustrating is they only allow twenty thousand dollars for durable medical equipment for a lifetime. Once you have reached that limit you are on your own struggling to pay for very expensive medical equipment and also high coverage because of being "high-risked."

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Tray, let's add that to our list. We will call it limits on durable goods. But I don't think that really is your complaint. You are on a medical insurance policy that has preset limits on the durable good, I bet you either did not have a choice on your policy or did not read the small print. I don't think we should have to be lawyers to contract for medical insurance. I will bet you a dollar to twenty dollars that BlueCross has 50 different medical insurance. All with small print. I do not understand why there is not just one standard policy for everyone, and maybe riders that are also universal for those with special needs. I feel that all this small print is not for us, but for the insurance companies. If you don't mind, let me list your complaint as small print and undisclosed limits. If you do not agree, please let me know.

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Tray, you may already be aware, most states have an insurance commissioner. This person is supposed to fight for people like you. Georgia is fortunate to have Oxedine, who has helped me several times in the past. Oxedine is going to run for Govenor next term, I sure hope he can get a good replacement. If you have not already, I would try and contact your states agency and ask them if they can help. Hopefully this will provide you with some help now. I do see your complaint as a valid problem, that needs to be resolved for many others. It is wrong to see AIG give out bonuses with our tax money when can't leave his house because he can not afford a wheelchair lift for his car. Mrs. xxx can't get a bath because she can not afford a hoyer lift. Mr. XXx can't afford prescription medicine, but our military can feed an elephant in Iraq. Obama has quite a job in front of him.

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Globalwoundcare, I don't mind at all. I tried many insurance companies in the state of Mississippi and they all referred me back to Blue Cross as being the only insurance company that provide this type of insurance.

You are right I didn't pay attention to the small print and in return it has cost me greatly.

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The purchase of a medical insurance policy should not require an attorney to decipher the smalll print. That is why I am advocating a generic coverage for everyone, with riders available for unique situations. The variance of deductables is just fish bait. Those who can barely afford medical insurance, usually can not afford the higher deductable they get with a cheaper policy. Tray, have you tried contacting your state's insurance commissioner? It may be a wasted call, but then again you won't know if you don't call. I wish you luck. I know it gives you no happiness to know that you are not alone. And it will take legislative action to mandate that insurance companies play fair. Insurance companies don't just avoid paying you the customer, they also do quite a lot to delay or avoid paying billed claims from doctors. I don't like socializing insurance under the umbrella of the goverment, but I do like the idea of the goverment protecting both patients and doctors from unfair practices.

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