3rd June 2012

i have had a rough few days !
on tuesday i noticed my wee was clogging up with protine so got it tested and a few days later came back with infection, the same stupid infection i had to start with so i packed my bags and waited 2days to find out what was going on to be told i didnt need to go in, which made me angry as when i discharged myself the other week (i did go back in after i saw my ways) they told me the type of infection will cause miscarrage if un treated. so i called up the hospital and explained that the clinical lead doctor told me he was doing a pro active treatment plan which means even if i show no signes i have to go in for iv treatment because of the baby. but they would not listen to me. i can talk to the clinical lead until he gets off his bank holiday 4 day weekend and im getting worst and worst :( my temp is slowly creeping up, but not high enough to go in and all i have done today is sleep (its 3pm) such a shame as im missing all the street parties :(

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