SPAM from drug companies???

Hi friends,

I joined this community to receive and give helpful information and support to/from others with problems similar to my own.

Today I noticed a "message" in my inbox. It was from a drug company, advertising their product. For me, this represents mis-use of this site.

I hope I will not receive more SPAM from BIG PHARMA abusing this website to influence people who want help from other people.
---NOT advertising from profit-motivated companies.

But maybe I am too grouchy.
WHAT DO Y-O-U Think???

Best wishes,

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You can control what type of messages you receive by going to the message management page, here:

This message is not spam, was sent by Inspire on behalf of one of our partners. From time to time, we do send messages that we think might be relevant or of interest to you, you can opt out of them on that page.

Hope this helps,

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Stan, I have been on inspire for along time and never got a spam related to this site. I get bogus drug stuff all the time and just delete it

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Maybe there are some more things I should know about this website. I was not aware that there were partners in the pharma industry.

It makes me less likely to want to divulge personal information or share opinions with others, now that I understand there are commercial interests involved in the operation of the site.

If the site provides genuine help and mutual support for its MEMBERS and it is necessary to receive "commercial" help to keep the site operating, that is understandable.

I just hope that the site is not a "front" for information gathering and dispensing by commercial interests-- for THEIR benefit-- in preference to the benefit of the "members" of the site "community".

Where can I find FULL information about the ownership of the site and the use of the information provided by members?

Thanks, StanF

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Hi Stan,

You can learn all about our guidelines, principles, privacy statement and site terms of use in the footer of every page. Click the "Inspire" in the copyright note for our corporate site.

Hope this helps,

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