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My Ovarian Cancer journey began in 1999, I was 26. The type of tumor is called granulosa cell tumor. Since then I have given birth to my amazing son Damian who is now 11 and daughter Delanie who will soon be 9. I have had surgery three times and chemo twice. My 2010/2011 round of chemo did not shrink the tumors. The fourth of a group of Dr. finally granted surgery in May 2011 (after the first three had said no). They successfully removed the problem tumor from my lung as well as all other tumors they could see with the eye. After my check up yesterday with my oncologist, she advised that I now have a tumor growing on my pelvis as well as a few other smaller ones lurking around. I had been taking Letrozole for the past year and it is evident that is is not working so she has taken me off of it. As per my check up yesterday with my oncologist, my options are becoming slim. I am going to see a spiritual healer tomorrow as well as try to research or find out anything I can. I am not ready to give up the fight just yet. I have two small children who need their mama. I have learned today after much internet searching the importance of a healthy diet. I am going to discuss Avastin and Abraxane with my family dr. Thank you for all for your posts. It is always nice to hear from others who have the same condition. If you have any suggestions for me, I would love to hear from you.

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