Starting chemo for the 4th time

I haven't posted about my blog yet on this site because I felt like everyone is going through similar things and no one needs to hear it from someone else. But, I am now about to start my 4th line of chemo (I also did 3 clinical trials in addition to the chemo). I figure at this point, if you ladies have any advice or insight that you can share, I am certainly not going to turn that away. I am hoping that I will get more from your comments than I could possibly hope to provide through sharing this blog. Anyhow, the latest blog can be accessed at -ahead

As for the chemo, I am starting gemcitabine with cistplatin (too much carbo, want to try to avoid an allergic reaction). Also going to be doing Avastin. All 3 drugs on day 1 and only the gemcitabine on day 8, on a 21 day cycle. Not looking forward to this round, but as we all do what you gotta do.

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