My Mother's Brave Battle

Hello my name is Mandy, here is my story as a caregiver to my mom during her brave battle with Ovarian Cancer.
In April of 2002 my mother started to notice changes in her body that she know weren't right.At first she thought it could have been gall bladder problems or a least thats what the Dr's in the emergency room thought it was.After many trips to the hospital emergency rooms, she was finally diagnosed in June of 2002 that she had 3rd stage Ovarian Cancer. When she was diagnosed I went online and read everything I could get my hands on. The Dr's plans were complete hysterectomy along with removing her gall bladder. After a 2 week stay in the hospital and her 1st chemo treatment,my mom was ready to come home.We were both scared as to what was going to happen,so we just took things one day at a time. She continued with her monthly chemos & drs appts until her cancer went in a brief remission in October of 2002.She was cancer free till June of 2003 and then the cancer came back full force. It had spread to the outer linings of her lungs and she had fluid around her lungs making it extremely hard for her to breath. After draining the fluid they started her another type of chemo,this one was a weekly one. And it really took it toll on her. It made her blood counts drop and she had to have several blood transfusions. Not to mention her CA125(tumor mark) kept climbing higher & higher. So her oncologist started her an yet another type of chemo and this one the harshest on her weak body.
By late Feb of 2004 mom decided it was time to stop the chemo, she was sick & tired of being sick & tired. She was on completed bed care and it was hard to take care of her at home so she made the most difficult decision, she wanted to be put in a nursing home. I hated the thought of her going in to one,but we both knew it was the best thing at the time,since she required around the clock care. She was on oxygen 24 hours a day and couldn't hardly walk or move with out being in pain.
On March 14th 2004,after being in the nursing home for only 4 days, mom decided to go home and be with God.It was like a part of me died with her. She was and always will be my hero and my best friend.

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