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For over a year I had been seeing my doctor for excruciating pains in my lower abdomen and weight gain. He diagnosed me with a spastic colon and prescribed medications to take that seemed to work. July 2006 while traveling I experienced bleeding and was diagnosed soon after that with Ovarian Cancer. Initially, my diagnosis was thought to be stage 4, since I had tumors on my liver and under my heart. Debulking was done 8/18 and was suboptimal because the surgeon did not go in the diaphragm to remove the small tumor there. Following surgery, my cancer was staged IIIC. Recovery was difficult, depression was severe and my wound completely opened when staples were removed so I had to use a wound vac. Due to this, chemo was delayed until Sept. 22. I also enrolled in the Phase III bevicizumab (avastin) trial and have been getting an infusion of that every 3 weeks (19 treatments with 3 to go). With few exceptions, I was able to tolerate chemo well. (I was concerned with possible neurological problems since I am diagnosed with post polio.) My CA125 went from 920 after surgery to 13 after chemo. I pursued genetic testing and the results were that I am BRCA2 positive. My January, April and July 2007 CT scans showed no evidence of disease.

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