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Clear cell carcinoma. Stage 3c

  • By bwlsn · New reply February 28, 2014
  • In Treatment · 2 replies
  • Greetings, I am posting for my sister who is currently in the hospital battling clear cell and has had a very tough time. I am asking the community for any information on chemo and information regarding ...

Liver mets

  • By Nandia2 · New reply February 27, 2014
  • In Recurrence · 13 replies
  • I was 10 years NED!! Thought I was home free! In may of '13 developed my first recurrence. 3 areas on bowel and widespread hepatic mets (epithelial endometrial) after 9 treatments with carbo/taxol everything ...

In case you missed the opportunity to partiipate!

  • By OvCaMom · New reply February 27, 2014
  • In Advocacy · 1 reply
  • About 6 week ago, I posted a request for women to complete a survey about risks and protective factors for ovarian and other cancers. Any woman (with or without cancer) over the age of 18 who reads English ...

Cold sores

  • By MamaRoo · New reply February 26, 2014
  • In Side effects of treatment · 7 replies
  • I have had a cold sore once in my life and I was about 6 years old. I now have another one - could it be from the chemo? Has anyone else had these ...

Question about Chemo

  • By Cyberdid1 · New reply February 26, 2014
  • In Newly diagnosed · 39 replies
  • I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on January 31, 2014 when my gyn thought he was taking out a cyst on my right ovary. He took out both ovaries and fallipan tubes. Pathology came back with serios ephitical ...

Another way of attacking the beast

  • By MemphisDeb · New reply February 26, 2014
  • In Treatment · 6 replies
  • I wondered when I was in treatment if somehow the cancer could be dealt with this seemed logical if the radiated glucose lit up the cells that there should be a way to get the chemo there as ...

Anyone in a PARP inhibitor trial who's BRAC negative?

  • By teresamaries · New reply February 26, 2014
  • In Clinical trials · 16 replies
  • My oncologist suggested that I am a good candidate for a PARP inhibitor trial. Are any of you in such a trial -- and BRAC negative? Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!! THanks ...

Folfox After Doxil-Carbo for Mucinous OC???

  • By Astoria · Posted February 26, 2014
  • In Treatment · 0 replies
  • Does anyone have experience being treated with Folfox for a second recurrence of ovarian CA? My OC cell type was initially described back in 20008 as "mucinous-endometrioid" with the endometrioid cells ...

Groupon saved me

  • By Cyberdid1 · New reply February 25, 2014
  • In Just for fun · 11 replies
  • Seriously - Groupon did save me. At the end of November I bought a Groupon that gave me 2 visits, an adjustment and an xray with a chiropractor for $29. I saw the chiropractor in December and he took ...

Birthday feels different this year

  • By Petra1959 · New reply February 25, 2014
  • In Good news · 23 replies
  • Yes, the big day is here. Beside now legally being able to order off Denny's 55+ menu, its a good day considering it is the first one since the words "ovarian cancer" became a part of my life. To have ...

what everybody would like after chemo

  • By janer66 · New reply February 25, 2014
  • In Research · 9 replies
  • Hi everybody, I am in the the process of setting up an " after chemo retreat " ( in the UK ) and would love any feedback from you on exactly what would be the things that you would want out of it and ...

Borderline Ovarian Cancer & Fertility

  • By reeveal · New reply February 25, 2014
  • In Help desk · 5 replies
  • Hello Inspire community! I had a borderline tumor removed 5 years ago, along with an ovary and tube. I'm 28 and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 7 no avail. I'm a little ...


  • By sunshine2020 · New reply February 25, 2014
  • In Newly diagnosed · 11 replies
  • HI I am hoping someone can tell me about symptoms......I had a hysterectomy and one ovary out with the hysterectomy back in 1993....I know a long time ago..and yet it seems like yesterday to me.....anyway ...

The Waiting Game

  • By msgride · New reply February 25, 2014
  • In Newly diagnosed · 6 replies
  • I was diagnosed with bilateral ovarian cyst/neoplasm on 11/30/2013. Diagnosed with a 3.5 on my left ovary and 2cm on my right ovary on 1/30/2014. My gynecologist ordered a 2 pelvic, &vaginal ultrasound ...

Scared and unaware;-(

  • By Baileyconz · New reply February 25, 2014
  • In Research · 5 replies
  • I have just recently received my results of my mri scan and have been told I need a full hysterectomy and part if by bowel and bladder removed due to severe emdomotriosis, I am 30 years old and have no ...

Ascites in the Abdomen

  • By Nat2 · New reply February 25, 2014
  • In Help desk · 9 replies
  • Hi Ladies, Has anyone had ascites in the abdomen for a recurrence and then put on Carbo and Doxil to clear it up? If so, how many treatments does it take. I had my first one this last Tuesday but I just ...

Survivor Survey--tell us about your experiences with SSDI

  • By Amanda_OCNA · New reply February 25, 2014
  • In Advocacy · 9 replies
  • We are conducting a survey of our ovarian cancer community in order to learn more about your experiences with Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). We would love to hear from any women diagnosed with ...

MEMS device to cure Cancer for under $50

  • By QueensKnight · New reply February 24, 2014
  • In Just for fun · 6 replies
  • So my brother-in-law sends me this link to let me know that cancer can be cured for under $50. Not just cancer, but heart disease too. It is a tiny implant of micro-sensors that gather data in real time ...

Ovarian cyst with septation within

  • By rupas · New reply February 24, 2014
  • In Newly diagnosed · 1 reply
  • I m 48 years. In Nov, 2011 I spotted after 1 year of no periods. Got D&C and biopsy of ET done. Everything was normal. Then in March, 2012 (after 3 months) again spotting and light bleeding for 5 days ...

Germ cell tumor

  • By marykay533 · New reply February 24, 2014
  • In Newly diagnosed · 15 replies
  • I am only 16 years old. I just had surgery to get a 4in malignant germ cell tumor and my left ovary removed. I was told I had to start iv chemotherapy in a couple weeks. Im kind of nervous, I know chemo ...

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