taxol/carbo/avaistan/abt-888 treatment

Wanted to let everyone my CA125 update after 4 treatments, my ca125 is down to 660 from a high of 8,030. 2 treatments left of all 4 drugs before I go to avistan every 3 weeks. CT scan showing no new tumors and small lymph nodes....I am preparing for a party to my friend NED who I hope to meet mid July!

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Good for you to go into a clinical trial! I finished one and it seems successful NED gosh I recalculated tonight and I'm cancer free for 20 mos. Praying NED for you too.

BTW please change from sharing with the public to members since you are one of us! smile!


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I hadn't heard about using Taxol - Carbo and ABT-888 and Avastin. Sounds like you have all bases covered with those 4 drugs. I'm on Gemzar/Carbo/ABT - 888 and also having good results.

I've just completed cycle 5 with one more to go next month. Just hoping that the ABT-888 keeps me dancing with NED for a longer time than the first round which only lasted 4 months. I know it's typical for remissions to get shorter each time but I keep hoping I'm the exception.

Good luck to you in your party with NED. Will you be continuing with ABT-888 and/or Avastin after you complete the chemo?

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I will just be on Avastin for 16 more rounds.

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