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Am starting on taxatere again and want to avoid the nail problem. Last time the nails raised from the nail beds and were oozing. I never lost the nails but they were painful. It has just been 7 months since I had my last treatment and they are not quite completely grown out. Any suggestions how to deal with this annoying side effect? I have read you can keep the fingers in cold water during the infusion, but I have some neuropathy and don't think I could tolerate that.

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I'm having similar problems, and my doc referred me to a good dermatologist.

He suggested putting the nail beds on ice, during infusion that will prevent further deterioration of nails. Also advised applying two creams : a) Salicylic acid ointiment (that prevents inflammation to reduce pain) and b) polysporin ointment (for preventing bacterial infection.

I've just started using it, so i guess it will take a few days to get better.

Would love to hear from others as well on their experiences / suggestions on what helped.

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I had nail problems after my carbo/taxo treatments. The nails developed ridges and several actually cracked and broke at the ridges while growing out. I had three that broke midway up my nail bed. I had to use bandaids so they could grow out before breaking all the way across. I still have one thumbnail that has not grown past the break. The good news is as the nails grow out they appear to be healthy. I wish I could offer some advice. I am just keeping them very short until the old nails grow out. I have a good nail tech and she uses OPI Nail Envy to strengthen and no polish. annie75, I like your dermatologist advice.

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