Looking for St. Patricks ideas

What is the little leprechaun in all my TEAL friends planning for St. Patricks day! I am have a little bit of Scotch Irish but I love all the holidays since I was a kid and my mom made them so much fun. She would also decorate for each holiday and always plan a family party or gathering.

Guess that is my little kid still coming out to make the holiday special.

I am thinking about making an Irish Soda Bread for my hubby and possibly have a little green beer.

Write your fun ideas and traditions for St. Patricks day. Even if you are not Irish - everyone is on March 17th. Right? Wear your green!

Shamrocks and pots of gold. So much fun.

I am in search of something fun to do with some over sized coins.

Let me know what you think.


Sparkle Angel

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