Kidney Problems?


So I don't know too much about what is going on with my body, that is why I am looking to you amazing women for some possible guidance.

I am a stage 3c ovarian/ppc survivor, I am in a clinical trial with avastin and finished taxol and carbo in December and have been NED since then.

Last Thursday I had a CT as part of the trial protocol. Today I got a call from my Nurse Coordinator that my CT showed my blockage near my kidneys. Not actually in my kidneys but near them, this can cause more problems, so my doctor wants to check my CA-125 and have me do a Lasix Renal Scan this Friday. My nurse said it might be hydronephrosis, and I may have to have a stint put in to correct the blockage. We are still in the early stages of figuring this out, and I am confident that my Doctor it taking the right steps. I just wondered if any of you have experienced anything like this. Also some encouragement would be great. I am 23 and just now beginning to feel like things were getting back on track and now this happens.


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The first thing they will be looking for is whether it is a new or grown tumor leaning on your kidney. This will need to be reduced, probably with more chemo, although depending on how it is placed, surgery or even cyber knife.

Mine can't be operated on which is why they are talking to me about a possible stent, but it is too early for you to be worrying about that. Hold on, get the results and see what the doc says. You have come this far, you are doing well. Just another stage, okay?

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I had a ureter leading up to the kidney that was being compressed/kinked by fluid in the abdominal area - since the urine was not draining freely due to the kink in the ureter - my kidney was swelling (hydronephrosis) - this was caught early because I kept complaining I could feel pain in my back where my Rt. kidney is - a CT showed the kink - I had a stent placed to correct the kink - i had the stent temporarily until they removed the fluid - and Thank you God - I have not had any more hydronephrosis - May God guide your drs. at finding the reason you are having problems and may it be a simple solution for you. Keep us posted. YC

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I had hydronephrosis from fluid in the abdomen and have had stents in both my kidneys for several years now. They change mine every 5 months unless there's a problem and then they can change them sooner. I don't even know they're there any more although at first I had some burning on urination and some back/flank pain on and off. Good luck to you. They may wait till they see your kidney function blood tests go up before doing anything, but once that happens, you must have the stents put in or you'll go into kidney failure.

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I have had a stent for 4 years. The first year I had to have it changed every 3 months. Then every 6 months. Then doc inserted a larger stent and now I can go a year. I have some burning and constant bathroom visits for a week. If I lift too much I have blood in my urine. Other than that I have no other side effects. One kidney has atrophied considerably but I'm ok for now. The procedure is quick and easy. I'm in and out in just a few hours.

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Hi Ladies,

First thank you for the information. I went to my doctor today after having the Renal scan with lasixs. The test wasn't bad other than it took time, which is boring. Anyways, I saw my doctor after and was given good news for the most part. It is my left kidney, but the test showed that no damage has happened to that kidney and there is a little nodule less than 2 cm which is what is causing the problem. I was given two options to think about, those being wait three months and have a CT or have surgery to look at this nodule- possibly remove it, or if needed put in a stent.

My doctor wants to look over the test results some more and talk to his colleagues and get there opinion. He will meet with the doctors on Tuesday and call me on Wednesday to decide where we go from here. My doctor doesn't know if it is cancer or not, so it something I am going to have to think about and pray about.

Also I was apart of a clinical trial but because of this kidney stuff I am no longer apart of it, which is really bothering me. I didn't get transition or time to "say my goodbyes" to the Infusion Nurses. I know I can stop in and visit them whenever, but still this is a jolt to me. Not to mention, since we don't know if I am waiting or having surgery I don't know when I will have my next appointment and what I will need to do now that I am done with treatments.

So it has been a big long day for me and now I have some time to think things over and see what my next step will be. Thanks for the advice and thoughts and prayers.

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FYI - I had a cyst on top of each kidney that would show up on every CT for years - then in 2010 the radiologist indicated they cysts no longer looked like cyst - he wrote on the CT that they were still small 1cm but now appeared to be solid masses indicative of kidney cancer (my mother died of kidney cancer). I had the Rt. mass biopsied and it DID show it was renal cell carcinoma. Since they were small - the urologist suggested I have them removed using cryoablation (they froze them under CT guidance) - I had the Rt. one cryoablated first - they went in with special instrument thru my back under CT guidance and froze it under general anesthesia - I spent the night under observation for any bleeding and went home with a bandaide on my back where the radiologist doing the procedure inserted the instrument. A few months later I had the Lt. mass cryoablated the same way. Thank you God - the masses have not reappeared and that was the only treatment needed. May God guide your drs. as to the best treatment for you. YC

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