Any word from Kim-K?

I have been trying to reconnect with Kim from Raleigh for a while. We were fortunate to meet each other and spend some time talking about ourselves and our families. I understand from a posting from Stoogemom that she does not frequent the website. I left her a text message but no luck. I hope all is well.

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I am sorry to say that Kim passed away the end of last year. She was Teal friend of mine, but we never did get to meet in person.

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Oh, that hit hard! When I did not receive any replies, I thought she was not visiting the website as much but when my text messages were not answered or a phone call, I did not want to think the worst. She was an absolutely wonderful women with such a positive attitude. We met a few times in Raleigh when I was visiting my son - found out from our emails that she lived just minutes from him, and I live in IN. I am forever grateful for those visits and emails - she helped me through my treatments.
She will be missed. Thank you very much for letting me know.
I hope you are doing well.

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Thank you for asking. I am doing well right now.

You are right -- Kim did have a wonderfully positive attitude. It is such a loss.


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