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I don't know if you guys saw my post under THE TEST-- so I thought I would write it again under a new title. So, here it is:
Dr. Lambert's office just called. Apparently, Dr. Lambert hasn't looked at the CTscan results yet. However, his assistant told me pretty much everything I needed to know. The left carotid is blocked 50-70%. The right carotid is blocked "about" 70%. I understand the left carotid was blocked 50% the day of the procedure. The doctor showed the pictures to my cousin who was there with me. 70% on the right side has been that way for about twoyears. She doesn't think there is anything to worry about and I feel much better. She did say I have had a stroke at some point on the right side of my brain. I never knew that. That's about all I know. Dr. Lambert will call me next week.
I guess all of you who kept writing that no news is good news were right!

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