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Hi all!

I had trouble last night with pancaking in my sleep. Is there a way to help alleviate this? I already use Pam. I also sleep on my back, don't know if that makes a difference. Luckily, no leak!


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Hi Kerri,

I've tried quite a few bags and never found one with a filter that does not clog quite quickly. Finding a filter that really works is akin to the Holy Grail and I know quite a few people are working on it. Mention this because ballooning can be a real fright to wake to.

It could be that lying on your back is making the problem worse because your stoma is more likely to be in direct contact with the inside of the pouch. During the day I use a stoma guard partly for protection but mainly to stop my clothes pushing the pouch against my stoma. When that happens the output collects round the Stoma and then forces its way under the wafer. At night that's not practical but I always sleep on my side and never had a problem (except when I scratched a mosquito bite in my sleep and ripped the pouch off!) Last point, I find that if my output is like runny porridge I don't have a problem - if it gets to thick then I do - I know most of the time we are trying to thicken the output but it can be useful to figure out what thins too - just in case. Could be everyone is different but, luckily for me, in my case it's chocolate.

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Dear Kerri,
Try putting on your pouch sideways, instead of straight down, so that when you lie down on your side it drapes down and the effluent has gravity working with it. Also, drink more water. Keeps the stool from getting too thick. Try using a small container lid over your pouch above your stoma to provide some space between stoma and pouch. There are also wraps that have these built in. Also try letting a little air into the pouch so it stands out away from your stoma. The new "Plus" Pouches with vent from Convatec have an internal flap that helps the effluent go down into the pouch and protects the vent and filter. Call Karen Krenta at 800.422.8811 for some samples. Tell her Randy sent you.

Be WELL and please keep us posted on your progress.


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Thank you for the suggestions! This is BY FAR the most difficult thing for me to deal with. I am not depressed over having a pouch, as I feel a lot better stomach wise and this has made it so i have less chance of my rectal cancer returning. I have been having to change every 2 days which irritates the heck out of my skin! Plus since I had surgery only a couple of weeks ago, I am still sore when i gently push on the area, so that does not help

I drink a gallon of water ever day and also I drink starbucks ...decaf but

Randy, I will be calling Karen tomorrow to get some samples. I have a stoma that kinda points to one side, I am not sure if that is part of the issue or not. Happy, I will be trying the chocolate. I have not had chocolate in years, so I dont know how that will work, but at this point I am willing to try anything! lol

Thanks Again!!!!!


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also try rice or oatmeal to thicken up the output

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I have to use miralax everyday or mine gets to pasty it doesnt seem to matter what I eat or how much I drink I think it is just my body

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