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Neobladder Surgery

The Mayo Clinic is offering a new surgery,for those with bladder cancer.This new procedure,takes the place of the use of an ostomy bag,or an inner bag used with a catheter.Neo bladder surgery reconstructs the original bladder.For more imformation go to

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Neobladder is not new, it has been done for quite a while. A "bladder" is constructed out of intestine, and is attached to the urethra. Voilà, no "bag" is needed. It doesn't work for everyone and sometimes patients experience some incontinence, particularly at night. No catheterization is needed. Patients are taught how to void by bearing down with their abdominal muscles.

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My urologist would love to do one of these on me, due to severe incontinence and kidney reflux, despite cathing several times a day and taking bladder medicine. Right now, we are just hanging on until the surgery will be available in WA State, by doing Botox injections every 6 months.

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