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I'm having problems with leaks between my pouch and my my wafer what can I do about this?

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Hi, I'm new at all of this, and seemed to be learning things as I go along. Some of the leaks I was having I think had to do with the opening to the bag was a bit larger then my stoma.( Forcing waste to get under the wafer and break the seal.) I also think sometimes replacing a bag after showering might not be a good idea. Here's hoping others have some suggestions or tips to prevent mishaps from happening.

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I use paste around the opening in the wafer that helps with leaks.

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I'm a bit confused as to where the leak is: Is it between the wafer and your skin, or are you using a two piece system and the leak is at the point where the bag connects to the wafer?


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Hello Bruce I have a two piece system. And it seems like it leaks between the two seals.

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Hmmmm, I'm not sure what is going on. Are you using a two piece system that snaps together like tupperware - make sure that you listen for the clicking sound as you pinch the two pieces together. Some suggestions:

You may need a system with a floating flange that allows you to get your fingers under the flange (platic ring on the barrier) to ensure the pieces are coming together. Hollister makes a floating flange and Convatec makes an adapter to create a floating flange. If this continues to be a problem you could try a two peice adhesive coupling system. It is still a two piece system but instead of the two pieces snapping together - adhesive keeps the peices together. You could ask convatec or coloplast for a sample. Their advice nurses could help you out.

Also - I know that if the stool is very thick and pasty (such as what can happen with colostomy stool), sometime stool collects on the stoma causing the bag to snap off the barrier. If that is going on you may want to use a lubricant in your pouch to keep the stool sliding down into the bag.

Hope that helps a little bit!

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I also use a two piece system. I haven't seen any leaks at the connection point - like Joannajoy mentioned, when I change the bag I make very sure the pieces snap together all the way around. If all else fails you could try another company's bags. Good luck!


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For some reason, I was all thumbs with the 2 piece. I never seemed to get enough clicks chemotherapy induced diarrhea leaked out everytime, Switching to a 1 piece drainable solved my problem.

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I use a 2 piece system and when I change pouches, the connection is very tight for a few days. I use a mirror to look at the bottom of the connection to be sure of closure. I learned that the hard way.
If the connection seems to be secure and you still have leaks, previous advice to try another brand or style is appropriate.

Good Luck

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