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Just talking..........

I know we have discussions on this site but if any of you want to 'talk' via face book just msg me. Sometimes its nice to chat directly lol! I'm currently not working per dr (& hubbs! lol) request, hubbs works 2nd shift so got time on my hands since unable to do alot while healing. I do some crafts & amature photography....but some days still drag! lol
I hope this finds you having a good day.....we need to have faith & help support each other thru this journey. Thanks to my 'friends' in this support group. :)

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I'm on Facebook and we have some great ostomy support groups on there. I'm admin for the one for the United Ostomy Association of Canada and some of the other great ones are "Coming out of the bathroom, no longer hiding my ostomy" and "I swear my ostomy bag makes me look sexier" :). I maintain a list of these on Facebook that you can access - feel free to add me, Mary Penner.


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Hey girl, PJS. I would love to have some coffee talk on face book with you. I like you do not work and like photography. I also write poetry and writing a cook book. I love my two dogs Duncan and Meghan cairn terries like toto. I have way too much time on my hands It shows because I even taught Duncan how to say I love you. I have to work on teaching him how to play scrabble. lol I am going to put Duncan with all the other brainy Dogs who say I love you on utube. lol
Talk latter see you on facebook. My son is coming to celebrate his birthday this weekend so I will busy with the party.
God bless you

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I actually work for IBM Canada and volunteer with Ostomy Toronto and the United Ostomy Association of Canada. Love photography though my equipment makes it look like I know what I'm doing lol. Will work on learning more when I retire - still 10.5 years away lol. I have a friend who is on disability and has taught both her dog and her cat all kinds of tricks! Will find the videos again and post them on Facebook. She'd love seeing your videos and you might give her some ideas re her favourite game of scrabble lol.


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