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Had 2 leaks this wek

Yes had 2 leaks this week, but what I am really concerned about is I think the leaks are because I used Mira Lax like the doctor and that is what caused them. I have to have a colonoscopy August 16th and if just one dose of Mira lax caused a leak then what will the prep do as Mira lax and Gatorade is the prep I have to do. If it causes a leak then I can't remove the bag and wafer or I will have a mess. Has any one used these products for a prep and if so how did it go for you.

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I think you need to call your doctor and get his/her advice on what to do. Miralax shouldn't cause a leak. Are you sure you are putting on the pouch correctly? Is it sealed well? I can't think of any reason why the Miralax should cause a leak.

I know this is no advice at all other than calling your doctor. But I think you should.


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Dear FreeLady,
If you haven't had the benefit of a WOCN (Ostomy Nurse) to help you select and apply the best ostomy products, you can get free assistance from Karen Krenta and her team of WOCNs at Convatec by calling 800.422.8811, M-F from 9AM to 7PM EDT.

Be Well!

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I use miralax everyday to make sure that I don't get an obstruction since I have had so many in the past 3 years but anyhow if the bag is on OK and snug you should not have a problem.

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