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The best advice or help will come from the hospital nurse that helped you chose the spot for the colostomy placement. If you did not get this assistance then go to the hospital and ask the staff where to go for help on a colostomy problem you are having. Don't feel embarassed about needing help. I had my colostomy in surgery 1997. After I was released I went to "Shopko" with my sister. She went one way and I went another. Long story short, my whole appliance came off and slid down my pant leg to the floor. THAT IS EMBARASSING!! Noone noticed, so I picked it up and went to the men's room, cleaned myself up as best as I could, went to find my sister (holding the pouch/wafer in place, then went to the hospital to find the ET nurse to get a new pouch and wafer put on. They are there to help us get comfortable and confidant in our situations and using our appliances effectively. She laughed like crazy when she heard what happened though. Best of luck in your situation, Be happy!

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Thank you for bringing a smile to my face. Lol. Sounds like something that would happen to me! Lol

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Thank you, Life will inevitably turn out that way, by giving us all something to smile/laugh at, even if it is ourselves! Hence the nickname.

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